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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D.
September 1938


I am neither suspending you nor asking for your resignation from my group. I may do so later. I have two simple questions to ask you: Why are you working in this group? Why do you retain your membership in it? The reasons which prompt me to ask you these two questions are as follows:

For several years and more, you have consistently taken the position that one of my disciples has failed to measure up to his opportunities and that my entire group of disciples has not [589] given the service which was demanded of it. You have so stated to a number of people and have also asserted that my work - as indicated by me in my various pamphlets and books - has not been properly done either by the group or by those who have pledged themselves to do it. You have criticized openly all that has been attempted and have steadily belittled and openly underrated the work that has been done. You have misunderstood the attitude of my entire group. You have not helped in any way constructively. You have interjected a spirit of criticism everywhere.

Why is this? There are two reasons, my brother, and I care enough about your unfoldment to tell you with frankness what they are. One is that your fluid, uncontrolled, lower mind reverts with facility to criticism, to the formulating of group plans which are impossible of accomplishment, changing such plans at frequent intervals and using speech as a means of spreading distrust and criticism. Secondly, you are mentally and spiritually ambitious and yet you do not have the personal magnetism or the executive ability which would enable you to form your own group. It is easier to undermine another group.

I would like, therefore, to put to you one or two questions in the effort to enable you to clarify your own mind and upon your reaction to what I shall say and upon your replies to the questions which I shall put to you - I will take whatever action may seem desirable. You can reply to those questions either by word of mouth (and I shall hear) or in writing. If you do not feel able to do so, I shall have to take it as an indication that you do not feel that you belong to my group of disciples and that you desire no part in the group activity. For this I shall be sorry but I cannot hold up the work of this group any longer because of you. The questions which I seek to put to you are the following:

1 and 2. The two previous questions in the first paragraph of this communication.

3. If you feel that the work which is now being carried forward is not in line with my will and is not of real usefulness (being of the old age and not in tune with the new intent) why do you not start your own group and demonstrate how a group should be run? [590]

You are full of plans and of ideas which you lay before many people but, my brother, nothing happens. The disciples in my group are facing great difficulties owing to the world condition and are rendering faithful service. I am not dissatisfied. Your choice is clear and well defined. You can either cooperate happily with this group in the work which is now being attempted and give all the help of which you are capable or you can gather together your own group and thus demonstrate your own idea.

4. Do you really desire to organize a group and feel that you can do so? Do you clearly understand what should be done?

5. Can you train yourself to overcome a critical spirit? I would remind you that habit is potent and that you are facing your life task and your major problem. You are adequate to the task, but only if you become truly convinced of the need.

6. Can you begin to concern yourself with constructive work which will meet the present need around you? You have talked much. Can you now begin to work?

Of your sincerity and of your good intentions, there is no question. But work is done by action and not by talking. It is done by helping the people in your immediate horizon and meeting their immediate need. It is not done by the laying of vast plans which fail of accomplishment because they are based on no sound foundation. I would ask you to become constructively useful and to cease functioning so destructively and negatively.

Until I know what you decide is right for you and until I have your attitude in relation to the above questions, I shall not again communicate with you. This will leave your mind free to think with quietude. The question of where your work lies is a matter for your own decision.

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