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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - B.S.W.
To  B. S. W.

February 1933


My word to you is as follows: As a disciple, functioning as you do upon the first Ray of Will or Power and working under the Master of that ray, the Master Morya, I would suggest that you ponder on the fact that the first ray is the first subray of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and that you must, therefore, round out your development with love to all beings. You have succeeded most soundly in avoiding the major destructive qualities of the first ray and your utilization of energy in the work of service is commendable. Your aim must be to avoid all static conditions. Many first ray people become static or crystallized, as that is the method whereby the first ray destroyers work - and it is all part of the divine work.

To you, my brother, I would say (and you will understand): Strength is yours, because you have steadily trodden the lonely path of the disciple. Wisdom is yours and this you use in the helping of the little ones. Beauty must be now the object of your attention. In meditation, I would have you meditate upon the twelve-petalled lotus of the heart, visualizing it as a deep rose in color with a heart of gold. I choose the color rose, for it will vitalize the astral counterpart of the heart center, both in the spine and in its higher aspect in the head center. My brother need not infer from this that he loves not, but the pronounced first ray type needs what is occultly called "the rose of attachment." They find easily the way of detachment; they create with facility a protecting shell and they cherish - with high idealism - their isolation. But when the lesson of isolation is learnt and detachment is the line of least resistance, then the Rose of the soul should be nurtured and shine forth. Impersonality is easy for you. You must now learn to be personal with complete impersonality - a paradoxical acquirement but one of great value.

I would suggest also, my brother, that you seek to teach (even if it is only one or two people), the Way of the Disciple and that you prepare at least two people during the next three years for the Path of Discipleship. They will be sent to you. [622] One, you already know. Another, you will later recognize. This means leading them to find the link with their group and their Master, for they will be people who have already made their soul contact.

Your ray is pre-eminently the ray of occultism. Your Master, the Master Morya, is the head of all esoteric organizations in the world. I bring this to your attention because there is something you can do, and this work will be possible when you have developed the facility to register the psychological troubles of others with greater sensitivity. Mentally, you grasp a situation rapidly; mentally and by the use of sound speech, you respond to the need. Your head responds and your soul. To that head understanding and that soul wisdom (which you have) add the heart approach also. Go with your brothers into the valley and do not help them only from the peaks of wisdom. You have mental power, clear understanding, the faculty of wise adjustment in solution; if to all that, you add the capacity of reaction to the emotional needs of others, you will coordinate the personality in a new and helpful way and increase your ability to serve. You can work with many groups, if you so wish, and should always work as an energizing factor. Your spiritual diary should be kept with care from this angle and the heart motive, underlying your activities, noted with attention. Your field of service will this way be greatly increased, again through being. This can be enhanced through an increased beauty of the outflow of love and increased love of beauty.

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