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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - B.S.W.
July 1933

I have ever the feeling with you, brother of mine, of your being an ancient comrade, who knows right well what I would say and, therefore, that I really need not speak. I hear you laugh at times and say: I know it all. Some day I'll live it all. Some day you assuredly will and you are far nearer to that day than seemed possible ten years ago.

Continue with the meditation last given but use no longer the color rose but a golden-orange. Blend the rose and orange and keep the meditation entirely in the heart center, remembering that that center is in the spine, between the [623] shoulder blades. Preserve ever the attitude of the Onlooker in the head. Thus the detachment of the soul will grow whilst the attachment of the soul to souls will grow and increase. The only breathing exercise which I set you is a series of long normal breaths, saying mentally as you inhale: "I gather life and strength." As you exhale, you will say mentally: "In love I send them forth." Thus the rhythm of the life of service is indicated and expressed.

Your gift to the group is that of illumined knowledge and the providing of a firm basis for action, with the exemplification of skill in action. Later, when I may call upon the group of disciples to take joint action along some particular line, your power to know the cause of what is will be of great usefulness. This group of disciples is a service group and this must always be remembered.

Dissipate not your powers. Centralize your activities and work increasingly with individuals. Thus does the first ray type achieve understanding; thus does he grow in love.

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