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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W.
November 1937


The past six months have been disciplining months for you. In them you have made two serious mistakes and three real successes in connection with your life activity - exterior and [641] interior. Will you make a study of these, discovering first of all what they are and learning from them? Look life in the face, my brother, and be ready to recognize and admit error; be equally ready, however, to perceive where success has crowned your effort and glorified your way; learn also to look for your failures where the outside world may see only success or some kind of achievement.

Your sense of values is sound, but needs shifting on to a higher arc of the spiral. Your gifts of understanding and of psychological intuition are exceedingly good, but need further use. The claims of your personality life, that may perhaps bring you personality satisfaction, require reorienting to the present life demand and to the urgency of the present time. You have much to give, my brother, and I would urge you to give it, and in so doing I would also urge you not to become unduly aware of your efficient giving.

There is at this time something in the nature of a stoppage in the flow of life and love in your second ray soul. Can you discover what it is, my brother, and during the next few months, alter and change this condition? Among the members of this group of disciples there are eight second ray souls. Why is this? Because the healing ray, above all others, is the second ray. There are two major healing rays among the seven. They are the second and the seventh. The success of all healing enterprise, therefore, depends upon the ability of the group members to work at will and on demand, under the influence of their souls.

It will be apparent to you also why it has taken so long a time to get this group of disciples ready for active healing service. It was necessary for me to help all of you to achieve a fuller expression of soul force through the medium of your personalities. You have given but little difficulty in this connection, for your soul has an easy line of descent (if I may so express it), via your fourth ray mind and your second ray astral body.

If you will study your rays, my brother, you will note that you are eminently equipped to heal, for you have two streams of second ray energy flowing through you and also two streams of seventh ray energy. This makes for power in healing. [642] It will be found, when we come actively to work, that some of you will be predisposed to mental healing; that others will function more easily along the line of astral or psychic healing; and still others will bring about physical healing. This means that this group should be able to work with the whole person or with groups as a whole. I would ask all of you to ponder upon this statement and see how wide a field of service is opening up. I would ask you to realize your potency in healing, and with care to dedicate yourself to this, seeing that your group-soul ray is in control and dominating your personality. This will render you selfless in all that you attempt to do, and will guard you from undue interest in place, position and success.

During the next few months, I will ask you to stabilize yourself at the center of your being, to achieve easy contact with the soul, and to build with care the antahkarana, from the heart, via the head to the soul. I would ask you to render all possible psychological aid when demand comes to you, and through those channels which are at this time definitely open to you. I would ask you to bring to the Full Moon approach an intensity of purpose which should carry you to a high point of group fusion. I have asked several of you to take many days for preparation before and after the Full Moon period of five days. For you I would suggest a different technique.

I want from you tensity, dynamic one-pointedness and focused attention. I would, therefore, suggest that you focus on the Full Moon Approach (owing to the tension and strain which my suggestion may evoke in your vehicles) for only one day prior to the Full Moon, for the day of the Full Moon itself, and for the day succeeding the Full Moon. I would ask you to look for and expect certain reactions - phenomenal and psychological. These may be immediate in appearance, or they may work into your consciousness during the week which succeeds the Full Moon. I refer not here to lower psychic phenomena, but to certain spiritual occurrences and soul intuitions which can be sometimes noted when the point of tension is adequate. Watch for these experiences - intuitive, telepathic and spiritual - and note them in your spiritual diary, attempting rightly to interpret them. [643]

I give you no special work except that which I am asking of all the group members. I ask from you a task of intensification, and this will permit a greater usefulness in the group.

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