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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W.
August 1938


There is little that I have to say to you or to any of the group at this time. The last group instructions given were long and full and will warrant fresh study and consideration. Please give attention to that which I last wrote. The new group work will also suffice to occupy you fully. There is much in what I say which will provide full time study; there is a new meditation to be grasped, mastered and practiced; there is definite healing work to be done. You are, likewise, meditating changes in your life. These changes are of an academic nature and not definitely personal and your motive is sound. To them I would like briefly to refer. As I do so, I would ask you, at the same time, to bear in mind that I but make suggestions.

You are naturally a good psychologist and have an intuitive understanding of people. Please bear this in mind without over-estimating yourself, remembering that the academic intellectual approach to humanity which is called modern psychology, should not blunt the edge of that serene understanding, that automatic, unreasoning comprehension which is yours today. Bear this in mind always, because I somewhat fear the academic teaching for you. In many ways, you do not need it. Remember also that, sensitive as you are (and this is your main contribution to the work which we are seeking to do), you may react unduly to the group impact in which you will find yourself as you take academic teaching. If this happens, the true group to which you belong - the group of the new psychologists upon the inner side - may recede into the background of your consciousness. Then you will be of no use in the real and true sense of the word. Mistake me not, my brother. I seek not to deter you from your search for academic knowledge. A measure of that is wise and needed. You are, however, apt [644] to forget that much can be gained by judicious reading and by the instruction of certain carefully chosen psychologists whose knowledge and whose grasp of human essentials is ahead of the rank and file of their collaborators.

One thing I would ask of you: Use as the basis of all your work that which I have written upon the seven rays and accept this teaching as a proven hypothesis; be not deterred from this acceptance by any academic word-phrasing. You belong to the new school which is entrusted with the task of producing the new, esoteric psychology, based upon the five rays which are manifesting through every human being - the soul ray, the personality ray, and the rays of the three bodies of the personality. It is all energy and force and this the modern psychologist does not remember. If you accept and determine this occult hypothesis as your basic premise and apply all you may learn to the touchstone of the occult and spiritual teaching, you may achieve much. But, my brother, let two things take first place: The study of the rays and, secondly, their application to human life. Then will follow the practice and active work with individuals. You will learn much more through personal contacts and service than you will from lectures and books, though these, in reason, have their place.

Your work for the rest of your life must be based upon right perspective (free from false values) and an organized active service. Discipline for yourself (and this you like not) and service for your fellowmen, will release in you the knowledge which you gained in earlier lives and there is, consequently, much that you can do. The only teaching which you need from the orthodox, academic psychologist is an understanding of the nature of the different schools (each of which emphasizes some one truth), in their basic premises and their modes of approach.

May I ask you to bear in mind that you do not need to identify yourself with any particular school. Each of them embodies the attempt of the human mind to understand, subjectively and objectively, the nature and purpose of man's evolution. All of them are partially right in their conclusions and largely wrong; all of them are only preparatory to the new [645] and coming school of psychology which will be the distinguishing attitude of the New Age. You can do much, if you will, to reveal this new school to others.

My blessing rests upon you.

NOTE: This disciple is still working in the Ashram.

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