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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - E.E.S.
January 1940


The coming three years will be those in which you will have to fight glamor with care, preparatory to clearing your aura for increased service. You must seek to walk with accuracy in the light, for the path of the mediator cannot be trodden until the glamor of the mystic vision has been dissipated and the vision itself has been lost to sight in accomplishment and identification. You will note how frequently I am using the word identification in my various instructions. The reason is that it connotes the goal held before all disciples who are being trained for certain major expansions of consciousness. I seek to have your help and this you know. Clarity of definition releases the vision and clarity in word and language is a symbol of this release (from vision) into identification. Ponder on this. It is this clarity, resulting in occult certainty and not in mystical belief, that I seek for you and hence my reference to the glamor of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its own aura and its own atmosphere, and the disciple must penetrate through this to reality. I have here, in the above carefully phrased paragraph, given you enough to engage your attention until May.

I would tell you also that the stimulation of the solar plexus and of the heart center (which will be the inevitable result of the meditation I have assigned) will give you an ability to tune [649] in on "things as they are" in the world today - the undesirable aspects and tragedies, via the solar plexus, and the human reactions and the good purposes through the medium of the heart. Be ready for this through the activity of an illumined mind, an intelligent appreciation of true values and a deep and true love of your fellowmen which will enable you to sacrifice for the good of the whole. Seek to see humanity liberated, free and able to live their daily lives in the light of love and do your share in bringing this about on all the planes whereon you can consciously function.

As you meditate during the coming months, much knowledge and many readjustments may come to you. In the group stimulation, you must look for a fusion and an expansion leading to a growing identification; this will change you from a securely placed server and worker into one who is willing to take risks for the cause of humanity and through love of his fellowmen. Love each other. Think with clarity, free from the effects of prejudice and propaganda. Serve with all that is in you these days of world agony, and remember that if you are not suffering with your brothers throughout the world who are in the midst of the strife and turmoil (I mean a participating suffering and not a struggle to understand and to be sympathetic, such as the world is at present rendering to Finland), you are missing one of the greatest revealing agencies of all time.

My blessing rests upon you as always and for all time.

NOTE: This disciple had a peculiarly close place to the Tibetan and some very definite work had been planned for him, but temporary considerations and the influence of another person usurped his attention and at present he is not working in the Ashram.

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