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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.R.R.
To  R. R. R.

January 1936


You have handled life with courage, with inspiration and with temper. Is this not so? If you will endeavor, in the [650] future, to leave the last named quality out, your life of service will flow with greater freedom, and with less impediments and hindrances, and consequently lost time. I realize that there have been times when the temper has been a great relief. You have now reached the stage of the pledged worker and of the sannyasin, and you have proved your mettle in the fire of difficulty. Much dross has been burned out. Your courage has carried you through and the inspiration of your soul (which you can with such facility touch) has held you steady and sweetened your personality. See to it, for the sake of the service which you can render, that you add to these two fine capacities, the sense and power of Rest, for that is what you need.

Study the keynotes of your life. They should and can be your outstanding characteristics, and that for which you can be known before your term of service ends.

There is so little that I can say to you that you do not already know, where character building is concerned. There is so little that is new and fresh that I can indicate to one who is so experienced upon the Path. Theoretically, you know so much. It remains to render theory into more adequate practice, and at this you are already working. What therefore can I say or do, but stand beside you, occasionally speak a word, oft times smile with you and be busy with my many duties when the flare of temper comes! That I wish not to see, and so will symbolically turn my back. Is not this what you wish, my brother?

Your contribution to the work of my disciples is reflective thought and the writing of that which will be constructively helpful, for this you can so well do. Have patience as you watch this group work unfold, for as yet you see not the real purpose or the coming integration or group relation.

There are two people, my brother, whose influence upon your life is destructive and who oft have hurt you much. (I refer not to your feeling.) Until your inner relation to them is one of complete yet loving detachment, they will be apt to hinder your unfoldment. I say no more, save that it hurts you e'en if you realize it not, but you are hurt because there is no love in your thought life where they are concerned. Loving detachment is the method which should govern your [651] approach to the majority of people you will contact. You evoke as yet too violent a response from others. This is due to your mishandling of the force which flows through you. Get this matter adjusted and your present sphere of service will provide a fine training ground in the matter. Then your power to help will be greatly increased. I and your group brothers on the inner side are looking for your help in world service. May I say, for your encouragement, that you have made a good beginning.

I would like to suggest that you add to your usual diary notations, a registering of Ideas. You will find it fruitful and constructive. Every six months, list those ideas so that they can be shared by your group brothers. Add to them any thoughts as to their enriching and their materializing. This is one way wherein the new ideas will be disseminated and spread. Some one must think them and some one speak them and some one must respond to them.

Follow the meditation outline here suggested until April or until further notice:

  1. After a short breathing exercise, achieve alignment and self-forgetfulness.
  2. Sound the O. M. audibly.
  3. Say the following invocation:
  4. "May the Holy Ones whose pupils we aspire to become so strengthen us that we may give ourselves without reserve, seeking nothing, asking nothing, hoping nothing for the separated self; may we be content to be in the light or in the dark, to be active or passive, to work or to wait, to speak or to be silent, to take praise or reproach, to feel sorrow or joy, - our only wish to be what they need as instruments for their mighty work, and to fill whatever post is vacant in their household."

  5. Then meditate for 15 minutes upon the following seed thoughts:
  6. 1st month - Restfulness - "The Place of Rest is on the mountain top whereon I stand detached. Flooded I am by the life and love of God. That love I send to all my fellowmen. [652]
    2nd month - "Rest has its center in activity."
    3rd month - Refinement - "The fires of God, electric and dynamic, burn out alloy. They leave the pure gold untouched."
    4th month - "The burning fire blazes forth in all three worlds and all three bodies pass into the flame. Divinity remains."
    5th month - Radiance - "The Rest of God underlies all life. The fires of God blaze forth. Men warm themselves before my fire. The radiance divine shines forth through me."
    6th month - "May I be lost to sight, and only the radiance and the rest reach forth to men."

  7. Hold the mind then steady in the light and carry your plans and service into the Presence.
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