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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction
The third point grows out of the above. You are all pledged disciples, and as such your immediate personal problem (in which I may not and therefore cannot help you) is to overcome and destroy the hold which the Dweller on the Threshold may have upon you. We are back, therefore, to our starting point, and a question now arises in your minds: "How can I overcome this Dweller and yet at the same time refuse to concentrate upon myself and my problems? This I am told by you not to do, and yet the Dweller is the sumtotal of all personality holds and defects, all potencies - emotional, mental and physical - which limit my expression as a soul. What can I therefore do?"

My answer would be: You must first of all accept the fact of the Dweller, and then relegate that Dweller to its rightful place as part of the Great Illusion, the great phantasmagoria of existence and as an integral part of the life of the three worlds. You must then proceed upon your planned life service (What definite plan or plans have you, my brother?) and act as if the Dweller existed not, thus freeing yourself from all personality influence in due time and leaving your mind free for the task in hand. I could perhaps word it another way. When your interest in hierarchical work and the program of the Ashram with which you are [48] connected is adequately strong, it will then dominate all your actions, and all your thoughts (waking or sleeping); you will then find that the grip of the Dweller will be broken, that its life has been destroyed by the force of attrition and its form destroyed in the fires of sacrifice. Such, briefly, is the story; I waste no time with elaborations, for there is much I seek to give you in this instruction.

I desire to give you the help you need for the coming year which faces you. Above all, however, I am endeavoring to make clear to future generations certain basic principles and certain aspects of hierarchical truth which must in the New Age govern those who seek to tread the Path of Discipleship and who are willing to be prepared for initiation. Changes in curriculum and in techniques are being made by the Hierarchy; the adaptation of old methods to modern needs and to more highly developed men is under way. I write not for you in reality. You have already had more than you have used. I write for the coming disciples and initiates of the next two generations.

It is essential that disciples in all Ashrams consider these days what humanity's problems are, what they mean and what their solution entails; they must know what the Masters of the Wisdom want done and then they must talk and write, act and live so that others too may understand.

Humanity has never really lived up to the teaching given to it. Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, by Krishna or by Buddha (and passed on to the masses by their disciples) has not yet been expressed as it was hoped. Men do not live up to what they already know; they fail to make practical their information; they short-circuit the light; they do not discipline themselves; greedy desire and unlawful ambition control and not the inner knowledge. To put it scientifically and from the esoteric angle: Spiritual impression has been interrupted and there has been interference with the divine circulatory flow. It is the task of the disciples of the world to restore this flow and to stop this interference. This is the major problem facing the Ashrams at this time.

This year, I will make clear to you what work is asked of the group in relation to the planned group work, the group [49] meditation and the group thinking; the rules then laid down will hold good for all future years, though their fulfilment is necessarily optional, as you are free disciples, working under the new rules, and are adult aspirants.

Your full moon work remains unchanged and I will again send a phrase chosen out of the set of phrases already given. I will change my technique somewhat and in speaking the phrase each month at our full moon contact, I will do it the day before, on the day of the full moon, and on the following day, and will also lay the emphasis upon the leading word in the phrases. If this leading word is recorded by you, the effort can be regarded as successful.

I suggest that you continue with the work, as hitherto given and undertaken, but I will give you a fuller picture of the full moon activity and purpose with some of the implications which may enable you to work with greater interest and understanding.

The first time, my brothers, that I outlined for you the work I sought to have you do at the time of the full moon, I undertook to work with you along these lines for a preliminary period of three years, each year expanding the work somewhat until the full moon of May of the third year. This period of time is now nearly completed, and today I ask you two questions:

  1. What has this work meant to you?
  2. Have you grasped the importance of the work to be done?

There has been a purpose behind all this effort which I have made, and an experiment of importance has been carried forward in preparation for the coming New Age activity.

In some of the earlier instructions (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, page 701.) I indicated that the coming world religion would be based upon a new Science of Approach and that this would, in time, supersede the present world religious formulas and ceremonials. Hence the importance of the efforts now being made by disciples in these new seed groups. They are in reality occupied with the [50] process of anchoring upon earth a new religious idea or concept, a seed thought or germ of a new activity which (at some later date) will bear fruit and inaugurate a new method of drawing nearer to God.

It might be of value to all disciples if I here analyzed the three years' work intended to be done during the full moon periods as outlined to you by me. Each year saw an addition to or expansion of the work and an enlargement of the concept. I seek now to make it all clearer to you, thus laying the foundation for the work to be done during the coming years, if you desire to continue with the work. Let us get these instructions into tabular form for the sake of clarity.

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