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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction

1. The first thing which I emphasized to you was that this was a group endeavor, and that its success depended upon the group fusion, the group love and the group understanding. The success of the desired inner contact was based upon a realized group relation. It was intended to be an endeavor which would be the outgrowth of a love, stabilized in and accentuated by all the group members. Hence my constant reiteration of the need of love between the group members. Towards the establishing of this loving relationship, I have been working for years with all of you. You may perhaps have believed that I did so in order that your group work in relation to your individual endeavor might be successful. That was not the major intent. The forming of units for special service in organizing the life forces, processes and forms for the new technique of Approach to God or to the Hierarchy (which is the intermediary between spiritual reality and human life) was and is the major objective. Upon this statement I would ask you to ponder with renewed interest. Your interpretations are so often motivated by an unrealized spiritual selfishness and an undue emphasis upon your specific group importance. The groups are simply the field for hierarchical expression, and we are not yet convinced that the expenditure of force on our part is warranted by the results achieved. The group members have been primarily [51] occupied with the registering of the more phenomenal results and with what they, as individuals, sensed, and have neglected to pay due attention to the inner group relation which is the only thing of major importance. It is the only thing which will release the stored up energy on the subjective side.

2. The second factor of importance is deep recognition of the subjective reality of the spiritual world. I, in myself, as you thought of me, am only the symbol of that world, as are other Masters, focused - as channels of contact and service - in the Hierarchy. You, as a group, untidily and together, were asked to approach me and to contact me just as, in the coming New Age, the churches of the future will (at the full moon period) make a definite approach to the Hierarchy in order to

  1. Intensify their spiritual life by the bringing in of spiritual force, with deliberation and consciously.
  2. Achieve spiritual illumination through contact with the powerhouse of light, the Hierarchy.
  3. Store up strength for increased dynamic activity for an ensuing period of service.
  4. Bring about a fusion between the objective and subjective life of humanity.

3. This leads to a Technique of Approach, based upon the realization of the above objectives, to an effort to see me (as I symbolize for you the spiritual vision), and to the establishing of a pathway of Approach, symbolized in the ritual I gave you as a golden band of light. This you were to visualize as extending between yourselves, as a group, to your Tibetan brother. This pathway of Approach is the Path which it is planned should constitute a more familiar symbol than has hitherto been the case in the religious life of the race.

4. This pathway of light leads to the heart of a dark blue disk at the very center of which you were told I could be contacted. Those of you who are in any way adept at meditation work know well that the light in the head - when seen and [52] recognized - passes usually through three stages of intensification:

  1. It is, first of all, a diffused light, surrounding the head, discovered later within the head and producing an inner radiance, which is the rudimentary halo.
  2. This diffused light then consolidates and becomes an inner radiant sun.
  3. Finally, at the center of that sun, a point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk, appears. This is, in reality, the exit in the head through which the soul passes out of the world of phenomenal existence, and it is the symbol of the path or the door into the kingdom of God. This is the symbolical interpretation of the phenomena.

As the group approaches nearer and nearer to reality, the pathway or the band of light shortens (symbolically) and in time, when you are expert in this work and when your spiritual nature is truly intensified, you will enter almost immediately into, or through, the disk of blue and become aware of the higher consciousness, or divinity.

5. Three things are, at this stage, essential to success:

  1. The mind must be "held steady in the light," and for this receptive experience all the previous work in meditation has been essential. Its positive, attentive activity has been an essential factor in producing the desired mind control.
  2. The creative imagination, involving as it does the power to Visualize, has also to be developed and consciously used in obedience to instruction in the early stages. This obedience has to be rendered voluntarily, even though blindly, before the true objectives can be grasped.
  3. Results must be expected and an inner sensitivity developed which will eventually obviate surprise and lead to a conscious recognition of achievement. This sensitivity may differ according to ray and [53] type, but the general indications will be in the field of similarity and of group value.

All this was the objective of the work I outlined. Much remained to be done, and each year I have expanded the concept and laid the foundation for future work to be carried forward with steadfastness over a long period of time. A beginning has been made.

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