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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction
The planetary crises through which the planetary Logos is at this time passing should result in the emergence of many initiates; no true disciple is exempt from the effects of this planetary situation. Inevitably, changes are wrought by the soul in the personal life. When these changes are focused through the lower centers and the lower bodies, the general result is purification and character building. The aspirant is then still upon the Probationary Path. When the disciple is in the position where he can pass through the first three initations, then the inflowing energies work through the heart, [71] the throat and the ajna centers; when the highest head center and the lowest spinal center are simultaneously involved, the disciple is then able to take the higher major initiations. Much of this has been given you in the earlier teaching you have received, but I repeat these statements, so that with clarity you may proceed.

One of you asked a question concerning divine intervention as a result of prayer, and I would point out that there is a distinction between Divine Intervention and Answered Prayer. One admits of reciprocal energies, the other predicates action from above only. The measure of success in either case is dependent upon humanity as a whole. Classically the body is not equipped to receive the fire, until consciousness is importuned to racial need. This is secondary to Divine Intervention which isolates the few and uses their organism to fuse and free the energies of dispersion. This is sudden death to the physical vehicle if unprepared. Think upon this and know the consequences of emotional fanaticism.

There are three ways whereby the inception may come:

  1. Disciples aware of their charge, relinquish all personal ambition and are willing to meet the test and be used. For, be not surprised my brother, a disciple can meet the test if he will. Accepted discipleship is in itself a guarantee of a certain amount of preparedness administered through right devotion, pure purpose and rigid discipline.
  2. The focused intent of the hard pressed peoples of the world clamoring for peace, forms a nucleus of unregenerate energy which can and will be used. It is less potent in effect, but in these days of crisis everything must be used.
  3. Every kingdom on earth is encumbered with shock - animal, vegetable, mineral, as well as human. This disturbance is a phase of promotion. There are crashed areas of released energy, causing forces to be freed which again can and will be used in the reconstruction. [72]

The responsibility of this group is purpose. It is will fused and blended and dispersed. I charge you to waste no time in idle speculation, but to carry your responsibility as it should be carried, remembering that your only value is group determined. Placement determines effort (I suggest that you analyze this statement). Consequences are hierarchical. There is lowered vitality in the world today due to a fear psychosis.

Command your forces, stand in the Light, and the suspended mental link will recharge the magnetic field for which you, as a group, are responsible. The fusion exists in a small degree now, but Purpose is the magnetized line along which the fire may travel.

You have preserved your interest and effort for many years now. Can you continue with this enterprise? It is for you a task of perseverance and of faith. You may not in your various lifetimes see the world results. That I frankly tell you. You can undoubtedly realize and reap the benefit of the group results, for your fusion into one close bond of brotherhood and devotion, into one united band treading the Path together is adequate reward. It will offset the usual loneliness of the disciple's way and enable him to realize that he travels not alone.

Above and beyond your personal compensation (which some of you know already to be your group relation and its persistence) will be the building of an aspect of the mechanism of contact and of approach which can be known and seen by us from the other side of life, but which has to be largely taken on faith by you. It might be regarded as the mechanism of inspiration, for - in the last analysis - it is individual and world inspiration which is the goal of all our work. This mechanism is a subjective fact, and is slowly built as disciples aspire and serve and obey. It is an individual mechanism, and a group mechanism, and will eventually form part of the mechanism of humanity, viewing it as a whole and as the fourth kingdom in nature. This kingdom is destined to act as a transmitter of force, of energy and life and of inspiration to the three subhuman kingdoms. It is this mechanism which [73] will constitute the bridge between the fourth and fifth kingdoms. It is the individual and the group antahkarana.

I am going to change your full moon work a little. Proceed as heretofore, but as you stand with me before the "open window" and prior to the attempt to hear me speak the words which I may have for you, imagine yourselves as bathed in a vivid butter-colored living light which is pouring through the open window and enveloping the group. Note, as this happens, which center responds or registers the vibration and stimulation or any phenomena of any kind, and then record this upon your monthly reports. I am also going to change the words spoken and am choosing phrases which will convey a pictorial connotation to your minds; in this way the power of visualization will be evoked and aid you in registering what I say. Here are the phrases among which I shall choose one for each full moon contact.

  1. The golden lotus of the heart.
  2. The burning ground of fiery red.
  3. The mountain top, bathed in the morning sunrise.
  4. The uplifted hand.
  5. The equal four-armed cross.
  6. The open door.
  7. The triangle of fire.
  8. The golden way to God.
  9. The ocean and the rocky shore.
  10. The silver torch.
  11. The iridescent cube.
  12. The burning bush.

I shall picture these to you and name them in your hearing. Note whether you can both see and hear.

My blessing rests upon you and together we go forward into the future.

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