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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction
June 1946


The papers which I am at this time sending out to you are perhaps the most important which you have ever [74] received. This is so - not from the teaching angle - but from the angle of the Ashram with which you are affiliated.

I would like to start by emphasizing the fact of your affiliation, because it is a subjective relation with which nothing can permanently interfere. There may come these interludes (where neophytes are concerned) when the relationship seems severed, and others wherein the disciple appears to be making no progress at all and has nothing to contribute to the life of the Ashram. But - in the turning of the wheel of life - lessons are learnt, and usefulness returns.

I would like to ask you to read this with care, with detachment, with undimmed aspiration, and with the realization that this present life is but a minute in the life of the soul. This life is, however, of major importance in the life of some of you; it is of focusing importance in the life of a few; it is of testing importance for some.

I have now definitely decided to disband the New Seed Group. My experiment in reorganizing the earlier groups into one large group has not succeeded. I have told you frequently that the Hierarchy itself does not know what decisions humanity will make in world affairs, or if mankind will profit from proffered opportunity. Equally so, the Master of an Ashram does not know what "disciples on the periphery" of an Ashram will do, because their training and testing is only in process. He does know what the accepted disciple, admitted freely into ashramic intimacy, will do in any given circumstance, because he has been tested and tried and the Master knows that there are certain things which he will not do.

This experiment with the New Seed Group has lasted five years. The earlier experiment with the groups lasted ten years. These experiments were undertaken in the most difficult period of the world's history and during a particular time of stress and strain. Of this I am not unmindful.

I am disbanding this group exoterically on four counts:

  1. (Deleted by A.A.B.)
  2. In spite of many years of work with me, the group is not yet integrated and has produced no particular [75] spiritual enterprise. I have indicated many spiritual enterprises which called for your full measure of enthusiasm, time, money and interest. Many of you in this group are doing less for the Triangle work, the Goodwill work and the distribution of the Invocation than the average School student, and it is you to whom I should look for aid in what I am attempting to do. Why not aid me where I have asked for aid? Why search for something unique and special and different from that of the rest of the students?

The spiritual enterprise into which I hoped to see you all throw yourselves was the work I have outlined, the distribution of the Problems of Humanity, the spread of the Invocation, the Triangles and the Goodwill work. I am not interested in some particularly occult work which you will evolve in meditation or in discussion. F.C.D. is entering upon his life work along the lines of my enterprises; it will be a hard one, growing out of the Problems, presented by me to you. Forget not that these Problems were part of your instructions released for the general public. I have no criticism of F.C.D., who has come through deep waters to heights from which he can do most effective work. I am happy to be associated with him and have asked the Master K.H. to leave him a little longer in my group. I have no criticism of J.W.K-P., who has handled a profoundly difficult task for me with beauty, understanding, judgment and courtesy.

  1. My next reason for disbanding the group is the failure in occult obedience of many of you. Voluntarily and willingly you joined the groups for training, discipline and expansion. This involved the following of certain suggestions, meditations and instructions. For years, quite a number of you have done absolutely nothing about your personal instructions. I refer here not only to exoteric exactitude but (above all else) to esoteric understanding. When, my brothers, I assign meditation work and make suggestion over the years, I have a definite purpose in view and a plan worked out [76] which is adapted to the particular student. When the work is not done, I - owing to the free will of the disciple - am helpless.
  2. Another reason upon which I must very briefly touch, and which is a factor in my decision, is A.A.B.'s integrity in the work. Among some of you, if what I write is agreeable to you, expresses your own ideas and is in line with your group thinking, then it is I who write it. When what I dictate runs counter to the ideas of the disciples, or places a finger on a weakness, or makes a statement which runs counter to the lower mind, then it is written by A.A.B. This situation has existed, for some time.
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