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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction
March 1947


You will by now have recovered from the shock of the cessation of our outer communication. As you may well realize (or do you?), my inner relation to you remains an entirely private and individual matter, known only to the aspiring disciple and myself. Such it must remain for this immediate life cycle. The strength of your radiance, your potential as a light bearer, and your ability to serve your fellowmen will demonstrate to your co-disciples in my Ashram or on its periphery the fact of that relationship; it will prove that you, the personality, the soul, and the Master of the Ashram, are in contact. The supreme Master, the Christ, said when last on Earth: "By their fruits ye shall know them." In so saying, he indicated a definite line of guidance for all of us.

A Master has to know and gauge the disciple by the work which he does in the furthering of the Plan, and not by the disciple's reaction to his aspiration. The attentive world has also to gauge the existent phase of divine expression in the disciple's daily life. By what else can the onlooker gauge it? The disciple is therefore under constant dual investigation; to this test, he must perforce himself add a third: his own position as the Observer. He is thus exposed to criticism and [79] judgment from three angles, and upon this fact I would ask you carefully to ponder.

A review at night along these three lines would be of value to all disciples, using the imagination as far as possible as an instrument of spiritual perception; learn to "imagine," as far as you can, how a Master would view your day's endeavor, how your watching environment would have reacted to your life and words, and how you yourself regard the day's accomplishments. I would recommend this to all disciples and all of you in training for my Ashram; and what I have here suggested might well be used also by the Arcane School for the senior students.

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