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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction
March 1948


Another year has gone by and it is again time for me to extend the teaching already given still a little further. You are still functioning as a group with closely interrelated links with the Ashram, with me and with each other. The situation is not, however, the same as it was last year, and there are certain differences and distinctions. These are due to the reorganization which has gone on within the Hierarchy itself, necessitated by the imminent reappearance of the Christ. This has produced certain basic changes.

As you know, I have for years (with the assistance of A.A.B.) been endeavoring to help and aid many disciples who belong to other Ashrams than the second ray Ashram of K.H. or my own. I have given to them the basic teaching which they would have received from their own Masters and - because my Ashram is a second ray Ashram - they have had an imperative stimulus given to their love nature, and their sense of universality has been developed, in order to fit them for the work of the coming cycle. In the cycle now so near at hand, the Lord of Love will seek to organize the new era along the new or Aquarian lines. In the series of papers on the externalization of the Ashrams or of the Hierarchy, (The Externalization of the Hierarchy) we are in reality  considering the goal or supreme expression of [80] the teaching given to many disciples anent that great event - teaching intended to evoke their intelligent cooperation.

In your preceding series of instructions I dealt specifically with the Return of the Christ, and that message was sent out on a large scale to the general public. Since then I have written two other papers, entitled: The Work of the Christ and The Teaching of the Christ. These have been added to the original instruction anent Christ's reappearance, so as to reach a larger public than just this handful of disciples. These instructions are now available to all of you in book form, entitled The Reappearance of the Christ.

The point which I am seeking to make is that this book is primarily your contribution to the effort which the Hierarchy is making to reach and arouse men everywhere to the imminence and the inevitability of Christ's emergence; it is in the nature of a seal set upon your faithfulness and steadfast faith over the years in which we have worked together. More important still, you have (as a group) provided the pool of thought that could be stirred into activity, and thus make possible the giving out of this terrific proclamation - for that is what it is. Thus you have served and helped at this critical time - critical not only among men and in connection with world affairs but critical also in the Hierarchy itself.

In your thinking, reflection and activities carried on henceforth, this major, presented hierarchical intention must constitute the very groundwork of your life pattern. As members of an Ashram, you are part and parcel of the present crisis within the Hierarchy, and you cannot avoid it.

One of the effects of the reorientation is that four or five of you will be working more actively, and eventually more consciously, in the Ashram of your own Master and less actively in mine; you must remember, however, that the link is by no means severed. Another effect is that several disciples from other Ashrams will be working in my group, and one of the Master K.H.'s disciples is now to function as senior disciple in my Ashram, because A.A.B. is no longer available in that capacity as she has been since 1932; she resumed her own activities in the Ashram of the Master K.H. over three [81] years ago. The completion of my books is practically all that she is now doing for me.

This reorientation and this "outward movement" of the Hierarchy requires the assuming of a certain attitude on the part of all of us, and the development of certain mental habits, which I will proceed to discuss with you as part of the usual first theme in all these instructions, that of meditation.

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