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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part V
Part V

The meditation work assigned to you thus far falls into three parts:

  1. The stage of raising the energy of the heart center into the head center.
  2. The stage of sending energy from the head center to the solar plexus center.
  3. A definite and planned process of alignment.

I found, as you know, that the great need of the group was to develop the relatively simple attitude of instantaneous relation to or contact with the soul, and through the soul [132] with the Master and his Ashram. I therefore assigned an alignment exercise when I last communicated with you, and this I did in lieu of more abstruse meditation practices.

This meditation is intended to bring about three most definite results:

  1. The interrelation of the seven centers, and therefore an uninterrupted flow of energy.
  2. The interplay of energy between the members of this group in my Ashram, via the seven centers. The group thought-form will have in it seven points of energetic life, the energies of which will be contributed by the group members. This etheric form of the group life will be an expression of the sumtotal of the seven types of energy as each individual member utilizes them.
  3. The fusion, consciously and deliberately engineered, of the individual soul with the group soul, and later with the Hierarchy - via my Ashram.

To do this work correctly, we will start with the premise that "energy follows thought." This is the first and most fundamental, as well as the most ancient, premise of the esotericist. The second is related to the first and will have a place in our considerations. It states that "the eye, opened by thought, directs the energy in motion."

Disciples, during the early stages of their training, are apt to regard energy as a pool or a reservoir upon which they can learn to draw, thus appropriating a quota of that energy for their need, their service and their use. But energy is fluid and in motion; we live in a veritable sea of moving forces, qualified in countless ways, conditioned by countless minds, misdirected oft, directed wisely sometimes, yet all of them perforce finding place in the mind content of the One in whom we live and move and have our being, and outside whose range of influence naught can be. Disciples have, for aeons, been using the energies and forces found in the three worlds for personality ends and for the furthering of their major interests, whatever those may be. They have [133] learnt somewhat to lay hold and use a measure of soul energy, thereby enlightening their way, improving their spiritual expression in the three worlds and serving a little. They are also beginning to grasp the significance of intention and of purpose, whilst an inner program is slowly conditioning their daily lives. There comes, however, a point - a point which it is now your duty and privilege to grasp - wherein another source of energy, of inspiration and of light can be made available to disciples and can be used for service. That is the energy of the Forces of Light, originating in the Ashram and emanating thence; you stand as yet upon the periphery of the Ashram but can avail yourselves of these energies.

The force of the Ashram must be "routed" through the soul (if such a word is permissible). The disciple has therefore to learn the esoteric significance of a most familiar symbol - that of the Triangle and the Square.

This has hitherto signified to him the threefold soul and the fourfold personality, or if he is advanced enough in knowledge, the Spiritual Triad and the fourfold personality. Now he must view it in another light and learn to know it as the triplicity of the Ashram, the soul and the disciple himself, with the square representing humanity, the fourth kingdom in nature. This is consequently a great decentralizing symbol, and around it your new meditation will be built. This meditation, if carefully followed, can and will bring about basic changes in your lives. The symbol is capable of being arranged in several ways, and all of them have to be mastered factually by the disciple - theoretically, visually, practically, intuitionally and factually. Each of these words will convey a specific meaning, and rightly apprehended will bring about changes in the disciple's life, in his service, and therefore in his effect within the Ashram. [134]


Let me now, brother of mine, outline for you the line of thinking which should be pursued by you as you seek to penetrate into the true significance of this symbol which is the theme of your meditation. It constitutes a normal development from the work already done. In the first two meditations given, you dealt with the centers of the etheric body, and were therefore dealing with the personality, the "city which stands foursquare." You were next enjoined to practice alignment, thereby arriving at the recognition, and in some cases the contact, with the spiritual triplicity, which is that which "hovers over the square and radiates the energy of light into this waiting field of active thought."

You will note that the entire process is therefore kept in the realm of the non material and that the physical brain is not, at this stage, at all involved. You, as you seek to meditate, are thinking on planes of mental perception; you are focused there, and the brain is held throughout this period in a state of waiting and attentive quiescence. The disciple has - as oft I have told you - to master the process of carrying on a dual thinking process, wherein he is preserving a continuity of mental impression and a constant activity connected with daily living and service. This is registered in due course by the brain. This is of major importance and one of the objectives which should provide you with ample opportunity for effort during the coming year's work.

This threefold spiritual reality (which is the "impressing agent") is the goal of the presented meditation work. It is not in this case the soul, whose impression upon the mind is that of love, its manifestation and its place in the Plan of the Hierarchy. The source of the impression to which you now seek to be sensitive is the Spiritual Triad, and the quality of the impression is the will, as it implements divine purpose. I am therefore indicating a far more advanced stage, and I do so for two reasons: One is that for years the effort of all of you has been towards the registering of soul contact and the expression of loving understanding; you are familiar with what the Hierarchy (of which my Ashram is a part) seeks to accomplish, and there is nothing to be gained by a constant reiteration of the familiar. I am, secondly, [135] outlining procedures, meditations and objectives which will be of use to those who come after you and who will be the hierarchy of workers at the close of this century and during the first quarter of the coming century.

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