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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part V
I stated that one significance of this symbol is that it stands for the triplicity of
  1. The Ashram,
  2. The soul on its own plane,
  3. The disciple upon the physical plane,

whilst the square represents humanity; that this is frequently spoken of as the "city which stands foursquare," and is familiarly referred to in modern literature and discussions as the "city of man."

In considering the higher point of the triangle, which is the Ashram, I would remind you that radiation from Shamballa enters the triangle at that point and that, through the Ashram, will, purpose and strength can pour. This is a relatively new achievement within the Ashrams of the Masters. In the major group Ashram (which is the Hierarchy itself) this reaction to impression from Shamballa is arrived at as the energy pours in, via the two Great Lords, the Manu and the Christ. It is also registered by their senior disciples, the Chohans and initiates of the sixth initiation, such as tile Masters Morya and Kut Humi. Lately the Master R. has taken the position of Mahachohan, and that achievement has carried the entering force down into the ranks of those Masters who have taken the fifth initiation thus enabling them to step down this Shamballa force to their individual Ashrams. This happening has produced a tremendous stimulation with all the attendant opportunities, manifestations, and dangers. Masters such as myself have had to learn to handle this great potency, and at the same time to make as much of it as we can (safely and wisely) available to our senior disciples.

It might be said symbolically that "the point of the triangle is based in the courts of Heaven (Shamballa) and from that point two streams of power pour forth into the [136] realm of soul and into the heart of the disciple. Thus is the Triad formed; then are the energies related unto the world of men; thus can the will of God appear, and thus can the Great Lord who guards the Council Chamber of this sphere of solar Life carry his purpose to the holy groups (the Ashrams. A.A.B.), and thence into the minds of men, and this because their hearts are safeguarded by the fire of love." Ponder upon this ancient writing: It refers to the cycle immediately confronting us, of which the work I am at this time seeking to do is but a tiny living part.

Therefore, as you prepare for the meditation process which you will undertake during this coming year, start by a consideration of the Ashram of the Hierarchy itself, of its relation to Shamballa, of its constitution, formed as it is of many Ashrams. Some of these are working under the Chohans; others are working under the Masters, and some are embryonic as yet, being gathered slowly together by Adepts of the fourth initiation. Will you endeavor to realize the factual nature of this great, living, spiritual organism? It constantly "substands" or underlies the world organization. See it as a growing, vital reality, of such life and potency that it can break through or break up all limiting outer organizations and, by the very force of its interior life eventually externalize itself.

This coming externalization of the groups which constitute the Ashrams of the Masters (not yet of the Chohans, because they are still basically too potent) will be a gradual process, but it will in time restore the Mysteries, bring the first two initiations into a relative prominence as integral parts of the coming world religion, familiarize the whole of mankind with the fact of the subjective world, and finally bring the most developed of the sons of men into a faint glimmer of understanding of the essential Reality underlying all phenomena, and give some grasp of the purpose of Shamballa and the will of the Lord of the World. Humanity has now reached a point of development where there is a definite grasp of the Plan of the Hierarchy - call it brotherhood, sharing, internationalism, unity or what you will. This is a growing and factual apprehension and is a general recognition [137] by the thinkers and esotericists of the world, by the religious people of enlightenment, by broad minded statesmen, and even today by the man in the street; divine purpose, however, implemented or engineered by the divine will, eludes as yet the most advanced.

The work of the next few centuries will bring about changes in this respect, and these changes will be brought about by the work done in the Ashrams of the Masters, guided by the Ashrams of the Chohans, welded together in the great Ashram of the Hierarchy itself, and moving ever into closer relation with the great Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, in Shamballa. This has to be brought about on Earth by disciples, acting under instructions such as I now give you and by their prompt collaboration with their Masters. The doing of this will invoke the creative imagination of the disciple, and this, in its turn, will be conditioned and controlled by the illumined mind.

A second stage comes when the disciple, having considered the Ashram as outlined above, and having thereby imaginatively "fixed" the fact of Shamballa in his consciousness, turns his thoughts to the Hierarchy or to the soul. Remember always that the Hierarchy is simply the world of souls, that it is consciously aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose, and creatively and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. Of this your soul - in its pure nature - is a part. You will therefore think of the Hierarchy; you will attempt to vision its work, and you will endeavor to relate yourself to my Ashram by an act of faith and of will which is, in this case, the sublimation of the personal self-will; you will also take your position as a conscious, integral part of my Ashram, and consequently of the Hierarchy. Such is the duty of all disciples. You have had much instruction as to the Ashram and I need not further enlarge.

The third point of the triangle (as far as your work in this meditation is concerned) comes into the light of your reflective consideration. You will now turn your attention to yourself, the soul, the conscious disciple in preparation for that expansion of consciousness which is the next step in [138] your spiritual unfoldment, leading eventually to initiation. This reflective consideration you do, not from the angle of the consciousness of your imperfections, qualifications or capacities, your failures or your successes, but entirely from the angle of cooperation with the Plan, with the divine Will and Purpose. It is with these highest aspects that the disciple is asked to cooperate.

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