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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part VIII
In the first three lines you have reference to the Mind of God as a focal point for the divine light. This refers to the soul of all things. The term "soul," with its major attribute of enlightenment, includes the anima mundi, the animal soul, the human soul, and that consummating point of light which we regard as the "over-shadowing" soul of humanity. It is an aspect of the divine manifestation to which that great Son of God refers when (as Shri Krishna) he remarks, "Having pervaded this entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." That fragment is the soul of all things. That soul brings light and spreads enlightenment.

In the second three lines, the Heart of God is evoked and the focal point of love is considered. This "heart" of the manifested world is the Hierarchy - that great transmitting agency of love to every form in the divine manifestation. Upon the essentially "loving nature" of the Hierarchy I need not dwell; too much has been written about it; too little understood; too much has been talked about love and not enough has been realized as to the task confronting the Hierarchy [159] as it transmits love. Love is an energy which must reach the hearts of men and which must fecundate humanity with the quality of loving-understanding - that is what is expressed when love and intelligence are brought together.

In the third three lines, we find reference to Shamballa - "the Center where the Will of God is known" - the center from whence the Hierarchy draws its life, as it draws its impulse towards service from humanity. You well know that there is indication in these lines that humanity itself cannot as yet grasp the purpose of Sanat Kumara. Only advanced Members of the Hierarchy and initiates of at least the third degree (the first degree of the Lodge on Sirius) have any idea as to the nature of the purpose which underlies the Plan. Ponder on that phrasing.

Having invoked the three aspects or potencies of Mind, Love, and Will, in the fourth three lines we have indication of the anchoring of all these powers in humanity itself, in "the Center which we call the race of men." Here and here alone lies the promise of the future and its hope and opportunity. Here and here alone can all the divine qualities - in time and space - express themselves and find fulfilment; here and here alone can love be truly born, intelligence correctly function, and the Will of God demonstrate its effective goodwill. Through humanity, alone and unaided (except by the divine Spirit in every human being), can the "door where evil dwells be sealed." It is not Sanat Kumara who seals that door; it is not the Hierarchy which forces evil back into the place from whence it comes. It is struggling, aspiring and suffering humanity to whom the task is committed and, my brother, humanity is adequate to the task.

This statement is borne ever in mind by those most potent in using the Invocation; it serves to focus and anchor the invoked energies in the human kingdom. That is their task. From that point, humanity takes over the undertaking.

This Invocation is also unique in the sense that it invokes all the three divine aspects. It is synthetic in its approach. This is the first time in human history that this has been done. Hitherto the development of mankind did not warrant such an utterance. [160]

In Lemurian times, the third divine aspect, that of Intelligence, was invoked by the mass appeal of instinctual animal-man; he little knew what that almost inchoate appeal would invoke. Light appeared on Earth and true progressive enlightenment became possible. I am not here referring to physical light, but to the light of the intellect.

In Atlantean days, as a result of the strife between the Lords of Light or of the Shining Countenance and the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in the ancient Scriptures and in The, Secret Doctrine) another "era of invocation" occurred and the second divine aspect of Love became a possible unfoldment, though still only an embryonic quality of mankind. The mass appeal was then more intelligently voiced, though the instinctual appeal still persisted. It was not intelligence, however, as we understand the term.

In our Aryan cycle, another great invocative cry is issuing forth. It is this time a threefold cry. It is the cry for light upon our way and for light to flow into the dark places of the Earth; it is also a cry for more love in the world as voiced by the men of goodwill and of humanitarian attitudes; it is, finally, the intuitive appeal of the aspirants and the disciples of the world for the full expression in time and space of the will-to-good - the Will of God. Average instinctual humanity, the men and women of goodwill, and the disciples of the world are all concerned in this invocation, bringing in the attributes of instinct, intelligence and intuition. All three are blended in this great Invocation. Have also constantly in mind this basic fusion, now finding voiced expression, and take courage from the massed approach to the Source of all Life, Love and Light. Nothing can withstand the united demand of men everywhere in their graded and their serried ranks.

This entire Invocation refers esoterically to the "raincloud of knowable things" to which Patanjali refers. It is that impending, over-shadowing and revelatory storehouse of energy which is the immediate cause of all events on Earth and which indicates the emergence of that which is new and better and progressively right. The events and happenings thus precipitated demonstrate the moving onward into [161] greater light of the human consciousness. These "knowable things" are the sources of all revelation and of all human realizations - cultural and leading to what we call civilization. Their "condensation" (if I may use such a word) is brought about by the massed invocative appeal of the entire human family at any one period. This appeal has been, on the whole, projected unconsciously, but more and more it will be consciously voiced. Results, therefore, can be expected more rapidly and prove more effective. This raincloud is formed through the joint action of the Central Spiritual Sun, working through Shamballa, and humanity itself, working hitherto through appeal to the Hierarchy, but increasingly making its own direct appeal.

There is necessarily a subtle indirect appeal going forth continuously from the three subhuman kingdoms in nature, but that appeal focuses itself in the human kingdom, for that kingdom is the receiving and the transmitting agent for these kingdoms, just as the Hierarchy has been and is the receiving and the transmitting agent for every human appeal. Note here the beautiful interlocking and the fine interrelation which has been established by our planetary Logos. This new Invocation expresses this complete interdependence in an unique manner.

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