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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part VIII
Precipitation of the new and long awaited energies is brought about in three ways:
  1. By the direct action of the Hierarchy, as its Members train their disciples to tap this source of inspiration, to become sensitive to the awaited impression, and to bring down that which is needed for the enlightenment and restoration of mankind to its original high spiritual state. There is a higher condensation awaiting precipitation, but to humanity that will form a "raincloud of unknowable things" and necessitates not, therefore, your consideration.
  2. By the disciples and aspirants of the world who provide a channel by means of which the energies and the fructifying forces can reach mankind. This they bring about by: [162]
    1. The deepening of man's spiritual realization through reflective meditation, aspiration and devotion. These in time give place to conviction and mental knowing.
    2. Receptiveness to spiritual impression. This entails the awakening of an intelligent use of the intuition, plus the capacity to hold the mind steady in the light whilst the brain is quiescently ready to record that "descending knowledge."
    3. Practical ability to relate the idea to the ideal and to take those steps which will create the form of that ideal upon the physical plane.
  3. By the steady progress of humanity, en masse, towards the light. This in time produces in humanity itself a quality and a vibration which make themselves felt. This quality and this vibration are essentially evocative.

Today this "raincloud of knowable things" has condensed or brought together energies which have been made available by the Spirits of Restoration, Reconstruction and Resurrection. These now available energies are - on a larger scale and of a higher nature - similar to those which the individual soul (paradoxical term) makes available to the personality when that personality is ready for the Path of Probation or of Discipleship. These energies are far more potent because they are, in their turn, a precipitation of energies which have been placed at the disposal of Shamballa, plus energies and forces generated by the Hierarchy. Extra-planetary forces can now be utilized on Earth, owing to the forward progress of our planet and its relation to the solar system as a whole.

There has never been a period in our planetary history in which opportunity has loomed so large or when so much spiritual light and force could be contacted and utilized by humanity.

The first indication of this massed and available energy produced coordination of the New Group of World Servers upon the physical plane. [163]

The second indication produced a pronounced cleavage between the forces of evil and the Forces of Light; this cleavage resulted in the world war (1914-1945) and initiated the seething emotional and psychic turmoil in which humanity today finds itself.

The third indication was the release of atomic energy and the discovery of how to transmute energy into matter and matter into energy.

The spiritual energies have, therefore, impersonally and with a "vivid directive of pure intent," penetrated from the highest point of spiritual purpose to the lowest aspect of matter, the atom; they have thus proved the truth of the statement that matter is spirit at its lowest point and spirit is matter at its highest, and that the apparent duality is but an essential unity.

A concentration of spiritual forces in and through the New Group of World Servers, the production of a world conflict with its disrupting and at the same time its unifying result, and the release of certain impressive energies in matter itself for the benefit of all created things on Earth - these are the immediate results of the pressure of the over-shadowing spiritual resources.

These forces have affected the spiritual and the humanitarian people of the world, blending them into one group upon the inner planes (even if this still remains outwardly unrealized), and have thus given a death blow to the great heresy of separateness. This will later make itself invincibly apparent. They brought pure evil to the surface in such a manner that the issues between good and evil became apparent in a clearer light and the causes of human misery received fresh and keener recognition; the knowledge and the responsibility of mankind everywhere cannot now be denied. They also made possible the use of energy locked up in substance itself; this, if rightly used, can and will completely alter and change man's attitude to life, his sense of values and his use of time.

All this has been brought about by what we might call with exactitude the first precipitation. Its effects have been mass effects to a very large extent. They have affected the [164] spiritual workers and the men of goodwill, producing the purifying fires of pain and agony through the medium of war, and making available also the essence of the material world. I have endeavored to express the majesty of the recent happenings in various ways in order to impress upon you all the stupendous nature of what has occurred.

The second precipitation must be more consciously brought about by humanity itself, and it is to facilitate this that the new Invocation has been given, and for this reason it must be widely distributed.

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