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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part VIII
On the surface, the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that, behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to Earth, called by Christians the Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; the truth that both love and intelligence are effects of what is called the Will of God, and finally the self-evident truth that only through Humanity itself can the divine Plan work out.

This Plan calls mankind to the expression of Love and challenges men to "let their light shine." Then comes the final solemn demand that this Plan of Love and Light, working through mankind, may seal the door where evil dwells." The final line then contains the idea of restoration, indicating the keynote for the future and that the day will come when God's original idea and his initial intention will no longer be frustrated by human free will and evil - pure Materialism and selfishness; the divine purpose will then, through the changed hearts and goals of humanity, be achieved.

This is the obvious and simple meaning arid it ties in with the spiritual aspiration of all men everywhere.

There are deeper implications and upon them I will later touch, but the clarity of spiritual desire and aspiration is expressed in these words in such a form that its use offers no barrier to the different types of mind which may receive it. Only those who recognize no subjective or inner world, and who reject the concept of an inner world of causes being responsible for the outer world of effects, will deny its truth [168] and usefulness; such people are fortunately few and far between.

It is apparent, therefore, that the first three stanzas or verses invoke, call for or appeal to the three aspects of divine life which are universally recognized - the mind of God, the love of God, and the will or purpose of God; the fourth stanza points out the relation of humanity to these three energies of intelligence, love and will, and mankind's deep responsibility to implement the spread of love and light on Earth.

Right here the work of the Triangles - so close to the heart of the Hierarchy at this time - becomes obvious. Through the network which the Triangles are creating, light or illumination is invoked by the daily work and attitude of the Triangle members; thus light can indeed "descend on earth" and goodwill, which is the love of God and basically, the will-to-good, can also stream forth in fuller livingness into the hearts of men; thus they are transformed in their lives and the era of right human relations cannot be stopped. This is an era hitherto only dimly sensed and which only the forward-thinking people of the world have desired. Thus through the "center which we call the race of men" the Plan of love and light works out and strikes the death blow to evil, selfishness and separateness, sealing it into the tomb of death forever; thus also the purpose of the Creator of all things will be fulfiled.

No one can use this Invocation or prayer for illumination and for love without causing powerful changes in his own attitudes; his life intention, character and goals will be changed and his life will be altered and made spiritually useful. "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" is a basic law in nature; the constant turning of the mind to the need for light and the prospect of illumination cannot and will not be ineffectual. Also, as the work of the Triangles grows and the network spreads all over the Earth, the idea of a downpouring of light and goodwill (which is the immediate aspect of love required today among men) can be looked for; nothing can prevent the appearance of the expected results, for the eternal law holds good. The illumination of men's [169] minds, so that they can see things as they are, can apprehend right motives and the way to bring about right human relations, is now a major need; the motivating power of goodwill is an essential to right action; given these two - light and love - it will not be many decades before the idea of right human relations will have become the ideal of the masses and will be rapidly taking form in all national, public and community affairs. The history of humanity has been that of the apprehension and the use of ideas as applied to human living and as expressing forward moving concepts; today the two ideas needed are light upon our way and practical goodwill.

I would like now to touch upon some of the deeper meanings for you who are disciples or who are in training for discipleship. If I can do this, your meditation work may be useful in linking hierarchical intent with human aspiration; such should be the work of all disciples.

You will already have noted - as you have studied the Invocation - that the three major centers in our planet are linked up: Shamballa, "where the Will of God is known," the Hierarchy, where Christ rules and from whence he seeks closer contact among men, and the center which we call Humanity. There is a close relation between the first stanza and the final one; humanity's destiny is, as you know, to be the exponent of the mind of God, thus expressing active intelligence, motivated by love and implemented by will. That time has not yet come, but if human timing is correct and right desire is potent enough, for the first time in human history this destiny can be publicly recognized and people can be swept increasingly and voluntarily into an activity which is particularly their own destiny. That again is one of the primary objectives of the Invocation; its steady use will bring about an inclusive view of spiritual development and impart a synthesis to human thinking which has hitherto been lacking. As "light streams forth into the minds of men" the divine plan will be more widely sensed and the will-to-good will be more widely desired and invoked.

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