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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part VIII
It is necessary always to remember that light is active energy and that love is also an energy. It is useful also to bear in mind that light and matter are synonymous terms scientifically, [170] and that the network of light is veritably substance, and therefore the carrier of goodwill. That is why, consequently, it is necessary to realize that it is one network, composed of two types of energy. For this reason, the work of creating Triangles falls into two categories; some people work more easily with one type of energy than another; it is interesting also to note that the Triangles of Light are basically more material than the Triangles of Goodwill because they are related to substance, to the energy which mankind wields familiarly, and to etheric matter. The Triangles of Goodwill are hierarchical in origin. I would ask you to ponder on this.

However, in this world crisis, the origin of the network in both its aspects is hierarchical; the Masters work in substance (i.e., light) though not with matter; the work to be done by Triangle members is consequently purely mental and hence exceedingly powerful - this of course when rightly done. "Energy follows thought" and the work of the Triangles is that of directing thought. The work therefore falls into two categories: that of invoking divine aid (to use Christian phraseology) and then - through faith and acceptance - directing the energies of light and love (which have been invoked) to all men everywhere. They will, from the popular attitude, be registered as illumination and goodwill. It is a deeply scientific work but fundamentally simple. Invocation, prayer or aspiration, meditation - it matters not what word you use - by means of these three methods spiritual energies are tapped and brought into activity. By clear thinking, directed thought and mental perception, they can be made objects of human desire. Ideas are simply channels for new and desired divine energies; ideals are these ideas changed or reduced into thought-forms, and thus presented to the public. Ideas telepathically become ideals, which is another phrasing of the old law, "energy follows thought."

The work of the network of light and goodwill, focused on the plane of mind, is the utilization of this knowledge in order to affect the public consciousness. These are points which should be simplified and gradually taught, and in the clearest language, to all Triangle members. The work of the [171] Triangles is to work with the minds of men, and with a factor which is used and exploited by leaders everywhere; the effort is to impress these minds with certain ideas which are necessary to human progress. People recognize the present darkness and misery, and consequently welcome light; men are tired of hating and fighting, and therefore welcome goodwill.

Let me touch for a moment upon another point of view. Just as stanzas one and four are related, so stanza two and the final line are also related. The Plan will be restored on Earth through illumination and goodwill, and when that takes place Christ will return to Earth. I would ask you not to misunderstand this phrase. Christ has never left the Earth and he said when bidding farewell to his disciples: "Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the days." His Presence, however, is not recognized by the masses of men, and is only sensed and dimly hoped for by the orthodox religionist of all the world faiths.

As I have earlier pointed out, the return of Christ will be expressed, in the first place, by an upsurging of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of men everywhere; its first expression will be goodwill.

In the second place, disciples everywhere will find themselves increasingly sensitive to his quality, his voice and his teaching; they will be "over-shadowed" by him in many cases, just as before, he over-shadowed his disciple Jesus; through this over-shadowing of disciples in all lands, he will duplicate himself repeatedly. The effectiveness and the potency of the over-shadowed disciple will be amazing.

One of the first experiments he made as he prepared for this form of activity was in connection with Krishnamurti. It was only partially successful. The power used by him was distorted and misapplied by the devotee type of which the Theosophical Society is largely composed, and the experiment was brought to an end; it served, however, a most useful purpose. As a result of the war, mankind has been necessary to the spiritual life or its effectiveness. The war disillusioned; devotion is no longer regarded as adequate or was won, not through devotion or the attachment of millions [172] of men to some prized ideal; it was won by the simple performance of duty, and the desire to safeguard human rights. Few men were heroes, as the newspapers stupidly proclaim. They were drafted and taught to fight and had to fight. It was a group recognition of duty. When Christ again seeks to over-shadow his disciples, a different reaction will be looked for. It is because of this that A.A.B. has so consistently belittled devotion and advocated spiritual independence. No devotee is independent; he is a prisoner of an idea or a person.

When Christ comes, there will be a flowering in great activity of his type of consciousness among men; when disciples are working under the recognition of the Christ, there will then come the time when he can again move among men in a public manner; he can be publicly recognized and thus do his work on the outer levels of living as well as upon the inner. For these three events, which are connected with the inherent divinity in man, the Hierarchy is working and preparing, and it will essentially register another of the results of the successful use of the new Invocation to aid in this task of preparation.

Those of you who are disciples will easily see the significance of the third stanza. Its meaning is that the Invocation as used by the Hierarchy (note this) will help to bring about the evocation of the spiritual will in humanity and the recognition of the divine will by the Hierarchy. There is little that can be said to the general public anent this third stanza. They will interpret it in all simplicity as a prayer that the human will can be brought into conformity with the divine will, even though that may not be understood. Even from the angle of the Hierarchy, the divine will as it is essentially remains the great mystery, but in spite of that they can and do "know and serve" the purpose; the purpose is that aspect of the divine will which seeks immediate expression on Earth. The Hierarchy is the distributor of energy - the energy of love. Therefore, as the purpose of the will of God (known and understood in the Council Chamber of Shamballa) seeks to influence human will, it is an expression in hierarchical terms as the will-to-good and in human terms as [173] goodwill, as loving determination or as a fixed intention to bring about right human relations.

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