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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part X - Meditation IV
Meditation IV - Spiritual Livingness - Ashramic Relation

In assigning this meditation I made a remark of major importance. I said that this meditation was the first one given by me which carries the disciple into the true world of esotericism. It concerns his relation to that vortex of special [185] energies which we call an Ashram. It is therefore intended to teach the disciple how to absorb energy and what to contribute of energy to the whole; it does this not by indicating the modes and acceptances of transference, but by establishing a constant habit of spiritual livingness. One sentence was particularly a key to my comments: "Disciples need to build into their brain consciousness a stable recognition of relationship and of attitude." So much of the life of a disciple, even when he has been admitted into an Ashram as an earned right, remains esoteric, below the surface and almost entirely subjective. Of this the iceberg is by far the best symbol. His knowledge and capacities and his spiritual abilities do not become a practical demonstration in daily life, as they should. Esoteric knowledge is not intended to drive your spiritual life into greater and increasing subjectivity; the goal is not a more inward life and a training which will make of you a true introspective and consequently a pure mystic. Exactly the reverse is intended; all that the disciple essentially is upon the inner planes has to become objective; thus his spiritual livingness becomes an everyday affair.

It is here that the dual life of discipleship starts and at the same time demonstrates its essential unity. The disciple becomes outwardly effective. His Ashramic consciousness and his power to function as a disciple or an initiate must be blended with his transformed personality life, until gradually "the two become the One." In the last analysis, discipleship is the recognition by the Master of a certain stage (elementary, at first) of fusion, and then a training given and a process instituted which create a still greater fusion. It is this that the meditation here given is intended to facilitate.

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