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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part X - Meditation V
Meditation V - Precipitation - Reception

Each of these meditations carries the practicing disciple on to greater insight, or should do so, if properly approached and correctly employed. One of the principal tasks of the combined Hierarchy is the presentation to humanity of the basic divine ideas; in this manner they mould human ideals and consequently in time create its current civilization, thus [186] providing a field for its culture. The culture approximates the ideal closer than does its civilization.

Disciples must be taught this work of presentation and the relation of time and the event. A right sense of timing is something that every worker for the Hierarchy must cultivate. Before, however, he can do this, he has to recognize and work with ideas himself, learn the mode of approach and the consequent use of that "raincloud of knowable things" (to which Patanjali refers) and later how to translate these contacted ideas into practical ideals. As time proceeds, this "raincloud" will become more generally recognized; scientists will begin to realize that it is the true source or fount of all ideas and of the inspiration which makes their work possible; they will develop a technique of directed concentration which will enable them to attain that source of ideas and to profit by its existence.

Such ideas are contacted usually at first in the form of vague perceptions or remote prophecies; when contacted by churchmen of any of the world religions, these ideas normally receive a far too literal, and therefore misleading, interpretation. This has been responsible for much misery in the world. The scientific method safeguards the scientist from this type of error.

Part of my task within my Ashram is to train disciples to recognize the new, emerging ideas and translate them into the concepts which will condition human thinking in the cycle just ahead. The second stage of this training involves the cultivation of a correct sense of timing. This will prevent the disciple from taking precipitate or premature action; it will give him the key to the real meaning of the Eternal Now - the synthesis of Past, Present and Future. He will next be taught the art of precipitation, or the mode of conveying these ideas to the minds of the intellectuals in the world. Through these concrete and receptive minds the presented ideas are transformed into ideals and then are brought to the attention of humanity. The place and the responsibility of the intelligentsia is not yet fully appreciated, nor have they truly shouldered their task or recognized its defined [187] importance. Their work and their presentation of the ideal to the masses of men everywhere does not concern the disciple. His work lies primarily with the advanced, pioneering thinker and not with the demanding masses. I would ask you to remember this.

Therefore, when I gave you the fifth meditation I gave you also twelve words for consideration in meditation. They were intended to evoke your abstract mind and their obvious meaning and significance was not intended to form a part of your thinking. As you later review these words, I would have you consider them:

  1. As embodying the viewpoint of the Spiritual Triad.
  2. As part of the work assigned to you in leading humanity forward. These words have new and prophetic meanings and you must discover for yourselves what they are.

This you have not yet done, and in neither of these two ways have you truly meditated on the given words. It is essential that there be a reorganization of your meditation technique in these two directions. Your entire meditation work is too concrete. There are the twelve words which I earlier gave you (Page 144). Please use one each month in your meditation work.

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