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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part X - Meditation VI
Meditation VI - The New Invocation - Spiritual Inflow

I wonder, brother of mine, if you have grasped the momentous significance of this presentation of a cosmic, planetary and individual alignment exercise, prayer or invocation? It provides, as a result of its correct use, a spiritual inflow - right to the very heart of humanity and from the highest sources. For the reception of this last part or final stanza of the great hierarchical "Invocation for Power and Light," all previous teaching you have received and all your earlier meditation work was simply an elementary prelude. In receiving this Invocation, in its use and distribution, you have [188] been participating in a cosmic event of tremendous importance. The intention - connected with this Invocations - as follows:

  1. To focus the inchoate mass demand of humanity on to the highest possible level.
  2. To initiate a great invocative cycle wherein invocation will unify, blend and bring together the two methods (hitherto in use) of prayer and meditation.
  3. To give to the world a new prayer.

This meditation or invocation is essentially a prayer. It can, however, be used with profound effectiveness, primarily by those who know something of meditation; they have a special and peculiar advantage over the average man who is accustomed to pray, because the technique of meditation brings in the factor of mental concentration and an intense focusing. The trained disciple can therefore use this Invocation on several levels simultaneously.

This Invocation is not, however, a meditation exercise; it is essentially a prayer, synthesizing the highest desire, aspiration and spiritual demand of the very soul of humanity itself. It must be used in that way. When the trained disciple or the aspirant in training uses it, he will assume the attitude of meditation - that is, an attitude of concentration, spiritual direction and receptivity. Then he will pray. The attitude of the occult student who has thrown over in disgust all old religious practices, and believes that he has no further need or use for prayer, or that he has passed to a higher phase, that of meditation, is not a correct one. The true position is that he uses both at will and at need. In connection with the Invocation he assumes the attitude of meditation (an inner mental attitude and firm assumption), but employs the method of prayer which - when divorced from all relation to the separated self - is a potent means of establishing and maintaining right spiritual and human relations. When in the attitude of meditation and using the implement of prayer (by means of the Invocation), he attains a relationship with the mass of humanity not otherwise possible, he can [189] implement their recognized though unvoiced need, and he also allies himself with the Hierarchy, who work from the cosmic astral plane but - through the use of the planetary antahkarana - work also on buddhic-mental levels and are evoked by the desire of the mass of men.

I do not intend to deal further here with the Invocation, because I did so fully in the earlier meditation instructions. I earnestly beg you, however, to reread what I there wrote.

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