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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VI
The Formulas

It might sometimes be remarked that these formulas are attempts by advanced aspirants to confine within due limits some of these escaped revelations. They express a past, indicate a revelation, and ground the thinking aspirant in the world of meaning because it is in that world that he must learn to work and live; it is from that world that he must begin now to work in two directions in time and space, for the world of meaning is the antechamber to the "Circle of Liberation." This "Circle of Liberation" is ever entered by the individual initiate, and has been down the ages, but now, for the first time, it is being entered by humanity itself and as a whole. This is the result of the experience of the war, 1914-1945. Humanity, entering this circle, will be confronted by the first major lesson: the Unity of the One Life. This form of presentation will be more easily recognized by the masses than such phrases as Brotherhood, Relationship, Fraternity. Life and its balancing partner, Death, are old and familiar aspects of general livingness to the masses, and their starting point in all revelation is life, and the result of all revelation is death or the disappearance of veils.

The formula with which I present you today consists of three closely related words, and the theme with which the student must concern himself is the nature of the relationship which is indicated - not by the words but by the very [321] nature of that which relates them. This is not an obvious relation but the esoteric and subtle meaning which the intuition will reveal and that the outer words hide.


These words constitute, and when placed in their correct order create, a most potent magical and mantric formula. It has a tenuous yet definite connection with the third initiation, but it is not this angle with which you are asked to concern yourselves but with the triangle created and the lines of force set in motion when the right word finds itself at the apex of the triangle.

The clue to rightly orienting your thinking lies in the realization of the threefold aspect of the Sun, the unity of the reality and the dual nature of the antahkarana. More I must not say; it is for you to wrestle with the formula and unearth or bring to the surface its hidden significance. In line with the hints given in connection with the other four formulas, the keynote of this one would be:

Lead us from the individual to the Universal.

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