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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VI
Points of Revelation

I would like at this point to call more directly to your attention the three stages of revelation; you have been dealing with them and considering them, if you have succeeded in following this work closely, and may already have achieved something of the automatic and the essential in their activity.

Revelation seldom breaks in all its completed beauty into the consciousness of the disciple; it is a gradual and steadily unfolding process. The three words I have given you as descriptive of the stages concern the individual disciple or initiate and express the stages of the impact of the revelation upon his mind. There are paralleling inner causes which are responsible for the outer stages of Penetration, Polarization and Precipitation. These are: [322]

  1. The stage of the "advancing point of light."
  2. The stage of right direction or the focusing of the "advancing" potency.
  3. The stage of spiritual impact.

Again here (if you could but see it) you have an illustration of the processes and interaction of Invocation and Evocation and of the establishing of a triple relation between an inner reality and the outer man, the disciple on his own plane; you have an evocative activity of so potent a nature that it produces corresponding exoteric attitudes and expressions. In reality, you have here a phase of the working of the Law of Cause and Effect, demonstrated in a most illustrative manner. As the Law of Karma makes its presence felt upon the outer physical plane, you have the evidence before your eyes of the three stages of Penetration, Polarization and Precipitation. At the same time, on the inner planes, and because of the existence of the inner reality, you have the three corresponding stages of Advancing Light, Right Direction, Impact. You have here also an indication of the close interrelation of the outer and the inner, producing a condition wherein the disciple creates a situation analogous to the phase - the long phase - of his creation of karma and its final precipitation in (so-called) "critical" disaster in his physical plane life.

A study of the three revelations indicated in the earlier instruction will reveal the accuracy of the above statement. I enumerated them for you in my previous instruction and wonder if you have read them often. You will find it of value to take these three points of revelation and apply to them the three outer and the three inner stages through which all revelations pass. You may also have noted how one point of revelation leads normally to another. You will (having studied the three revelations indicated on pages 309-10) note how all of them concern the first divine aspect, starting with the initial energy set in motion by God's thinking; leading to the expression of the Will, which is the great first ray in action, and then focusing itself through the Monad. [323] Curiously enough, in these three you have - symbolically and factually given you - expression of the three exoteric stages:

  1. Penetration, the descending and circulatory nature of energy.
  2. Polarization, the effect upon this energy of the polarized will.
  3. Precipitation, through the focused intent and the directed impulse of the Monad.

The next sequential revelation will be that of creativity, the world of thought-forms and the desire which each human being and humanity as a whole have created, and (note this well) the setting in motion by humanity and in relation to its own destiny, the Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma.

I have here condensed into a relatively few short paragraphs much important teaching anent revelation and its processes and have emphasized a phase of human activity (needed to produce revelation) which has hitherto received little, if any, attention. Revelation is apt to be regaled as apart from all laws, as an extra-planetary activity, as something that occasionally happens to the well-intentioned aspirant, and as relatively unpredictable and unexpected. I have sought here to correct this erroneous impression.

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