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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII
Points of Revelation

It might here be noted by you, as we consider this entire subject of revelation from the angle of the initiate, that (in the initiatory process where the disciple is concerned) revelation is simply one way of expressing the constantly recurring effects of pressure forward and of vision. Throughout the entire evolutionary process there is essentially nothing but a growing revelation. The two terms, Evolution and Revelation, go together. Any distinction lies within the field of revelation or - to word it otherwise - within the various planes of consciousness, and particularly that in which the revelation is taking place. Earlier I said that "the next sequential revelation will be that of creativity, of the world of thought-forms which humanity as a whole has created and the setting in motion - by humanity and in relation to its own destiny - of the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma. This will take its back into the very night of time and demonstrate the hope of the present era."

Revelation is both formless and also within form, and the closer to realization, the more subtle and devoid of form will be the revelation. This is, of course, a platitude of which you are well aware but it needs renewed recognition. Again, there is necessarily, in revelation, always the concept of Light and that which it reveals. Light on the physical plane produces the organ of vision, the eye through which revelation of physical areas of consciousness becomes possible; the same theme of light runs through the analogous process by means of synchronizing instruments upon all planes; nevertheless the physical concept of instrument falls increasingly into the background, and other words take its place as we deal with higher areas of consciousness: Recognizing Perception. Interpreting Perception. Spiritual Perception. Decisive Perception. These terms will suffice to convey to the disciple the nature of the recognitions which he renders to the revelation that unfolds before him, once he is an initiate within the Ashram and is changing his apparatus of perception from the tangible one of the three worlds (tangible because [368] within the world of forms) to the higher correspondences which he must use in the future.

It is at the sixth Initiation of Decision that Perception and Recognition of the revelation reach their heights for the initiate. After this, the subtler correspondences to the tangible senses of taste and smell begin definitely to demonstrate, but with them we shall not deal, for they are effects of revelation so far removed from the possible achievement of the majority of the Masters that they concern us not; they are more properly related to the unfolding consciousness of those who function in the Council Chamber of Shamballa. Human evolution or the human evolutionary process is entirely concentrated around the sense of sight, with its consequent effects and results of vision, recognition and perception - all of them constituting what we mean when we speak of revelation.

This revelation can be - as I said - either in form or formless; it can be a pictorial symbol or a subtle demonstration; it can be expressed only in words, or it can take the form of wordless recognition; it can be a goal or a future sensed possibility, but it can also be an incentive and the dynamic impulse of the initiate's life because it is not distant but is a real aspect of his divine equipment - I know not how else to express these possibilities to you, my brothers. It is with these aspects of revelation that we are here dealing, because they are strictly aspirational developments and are available as a result of ashramic training and of hierarchical initiation.

I would remind you that in all that I am giving you in this series of instructions I am dealing with hierarchical initiations and not with those advanced stages of unfoldment which are referred to when the subject of the Christ arises or of those times when he is spoken of as the Teacher of the Angels. Let us keep our thinking and its resultant aspiration in the realm of human possibilities. I would have you note the distinction that can be made between the aspiration which precedes thought and which presupposes an emotional orientation to light and revelation, and that which is the consequence of thought and which is the seed of an oriented [369] perception of that which lies permanently within the consciousness of the Hierarchy.

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