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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII
As we consider these revelations, I would like to take them up with you from a somewhat new angle; I would ask you to remember that the concept of Light must always be established by you mentally, alongside that of the revelation itself. I would ask you also to remember that I am dealing with revelations which are no longer true revelations, because they have been formulated by the initiates of today and made visible in words. Revelation is therefore, as far as you are concerned, of two kinds:
  1. Those that have been recognized and perceived in the past and (consequently) have been "reduced to words" - using the phrase in its occult and limiting significance.
  2. Those that are as yet unrevealed to any except those who have taken the fourth initiation. The three points of revelation (indicated by me) can usefully be related by you to the first three initiations, though they necessarily have an interpretation appropriate to all the initiations.

Let me express for you here - in their briefest form - the four points of Revelation already indicated, and then "in the Light" let us consider them as suggested earlier.

  1. Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy.
    Involves the physical plane.
    Relates to the first initiation.
    Concerns the ajna center and the so-called third eye.
  2. The will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice.
    Involves the astral plane.
    Relates to the second initiation.
    Concerns the heart center, the "advancing point of Light."
  3. The Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye is to man. [370]
    Involves the mental plane.
    Relates to the third initiation.
    Concerns the head center, the light of Purpose.
  4. Purpose itself is only an energy, released within the confines of the Council Chamber. There it must take shape.
    Involves the buddhic or intuitional plane.
    Relates to the fourth initiation.
    Concerns the throat center. Light upon the Path.

There follows next the fifth revelation, which is as follows:

  1. When the light of the seven Rays is blended with that of the seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known.
    Involves the atmic plane.
    Relates to the fifth and sixth initiations.
    Concerns the alta major center. Extra-planetary light.

You will see therefore, brother of mine, how very abstruse these apparently simple statements anent revelation can be. As I have formulated them above, they indicate the revelation in its primary and initiatory individual recognition; the meaning is, however, far greater than appears, and is in reality related to the unfolding purpose of the planetary Logos, involving the planetary Council. All that I have here given you in connection with the seven centers (if brought into relation with all that I have given you in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire will afford you some general idea of the various planetary significances. This I have personally no time to do, even if it were desirable, but it will be obvious that what I have indicated along the line of correspondences must be true, for the ancient truism "as above, so below" holds eternally good, and it is the task of the Hierarchy to demonstrate this. The relation of the microcosm to the macrocosm can never be broken, and that relationship is deeply involved in these five points of revelation. [371]

It has been occultly stated that:

"The five points of the five-pointed star are pyramids of ascension and, at the summit of each point - hidden within the emanating rays - lies a point of revelation, offsetting the radiation but preserving the deeply seated magnetism. Thus is there symbolized the going forth, the coming back and the point of peace, surrounded by activity."

I will endeavor (as we consider these points of revelation) to express as far as may be this relationship of the smaller to the great, of the part to the whole, and of the five points of spiritual contact upon the physical plane (outlets for the energy generated in the planetary centers) with the sumtotal of the means of expression. These centers are brought into expression - as far as the points of revelation are concerned - at their respective initiations:

  1. The ajna center.
  2. The heart center.
  3. The head center.
  4. The throat center.
  5. The alta major center.

I say not that these five exits for planetary energy are the planetary centers, for they are not; I say that they are the points through which the energy of a planetary center is directed in the service of humanity at this particular time. The centers of the planetary Logos are necessarily directed in their inflow and outflow from Shamballa, they are expressions of the Purpose underlying the creative evolutionary process. The five corresponding exits are those which, in this cycle, disperse the energy - generated by the Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying out of the Plan.

It is wise to remember that the Plan is as much of the divine Purpose as can be brought into expression upon the planet - under the Law of Evolution and the tension of this [372] planetary crisis through which we are passing at this time - or at any one time or particular epoch in time and space. Let us now consider these points of revelation so as to gain from them some real understanding:

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