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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X
He has, therefore, to find a truth which is for him an immediate necessity. The Master will not tell him what it is; he must now formulate his own hint, based upon attained knowledge and recognized vision. He must then take action upon the basis of the hint, gauging the accuracy of his formulations by the measure of light, of intuitive perception and of revelation which appears to him to be present in his mind content. These factors should manifest if his formulation of the "hint of truth" is in line with his next delineated step. Certain factors must, therefore, be borne in mind if the disciple is to be sure of the ground upon which he stands, and if he is to know that the hint which he has forced to emerge out of the welter of unassimilated and heterogeneous knowledge is correct, and therefore vital for him. These factors are:
  1. The hint upon which he is working will be, for him,
    1. A summation or anchored thought-form of any wisdom which he may have attained, I did not say summation [416] of knowledge, brother of mine, for wisdom and knowledge are two very different things.
    2. Peculiarly distinguished by his ray quality, and therefore in line with his normal ray development. A hint, for instance, formulated by a first ray aspirant may have no meaning or instruction for an aspirant upon the third ray, and vice versa.
  2. The hint upon which he is working will tend always towards the simplification of knowledge of motive, and consequently of activity.
    1. It will be distinguished by synthesis.
    2. It will be recognized as calling for the exercise of the intuition or of the pure reason; this is what Patanjali describes as "straight knowledge," uncomplicated and, at the same time, profoundly inclusive.
    3. It will be more easily interpreted by symbols than by words or by formulated sentences.
  3. The hint upon which he is working will lead inevitably to revelation or into the light which will reveal the next step ahead, divorced from questionings and bewilderments. Such hints fall into various categories, indicative of progress and of attainment, i.e.,
    1. Certain preliminary hints, concerning preparation for ashramic relationships.
    2. Others concern the service to which the pledged disciple is committed by his soul and which his personality must ascertain and recognize as involving responsibility.
    3. Others again will deal with the building of the antahkarana which will link the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality. Such a hint was once given by a Master to one of his disciples, by way of illustration. He said: "Learn that all Ashrams are found upon the Antahkarana." It took the disciple a full two years to arrive at the hidden significance of this trite statement. Can you arrive at it in any quicker time?
    4. Still other formulated hints deal with the particular initiatory process with which the disciple is faced. It [417] is for that reason that I earlier remarked that my one effort at this time, as far as you as a group are concerned, is to indicate the relation between Initiation and Revelation. There is no initiation possible without a preceding revelation, and yet each initiation leads to a subsequent revelation. The objective of all initiation is a conferred revelation, yet no initiation is attained without an earlier self-engendered and not conferred revelation.

Let me here give you certain esoteric "hints" which may give you some idea of the nature of the concepts which you - as a soul-infused personality - must learn to formulate. We will start with the one given above by the Master:

  1. All Ashrams are found upon the Antahkarana.
  2. In that light shall we see light.
  3. The Way of the Higher Evolution is ever preceded by the destruction of all other ways.
  4. The Will of God destroys the wills of men, but both are needed to complete the whole.
  5. Radiation and magnetism, invocation and evocation, are four aspects of a dual whole and all must be unfolded by the Server.
  6. The seven, the forty-nine and the one are only ONE and this the initiate must know within himself, discarding all but one.
  7. Loyalty must give place to identification, and the light is ever merged in darkness.

These seven hints are all hints of which you can make use, if you care to do so. They all lie within your range of capacity and would contribute much to your unfoldment. You would find it of value to apply what I have here explained anent the sixth hint to the understanding of all the others, and note what progress you could make towards the needed revelation.

Let us now consider the seventh hint which runs as follows: [418]

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