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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X

Hint Seven. "One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding and inclusive Whole, and to note the law which is transcended when the part becomes the Whole."

This sentence, with its many implications, is more than a hint, though two deeply significant hints are contained therein. It is a statement of individual, group, planetary and cosmic import and is the one hint out of the many which I have given to you in my various books and in these more particularized instructions which has a definite application for every single and isolated initiation. It is capable of indicating to the initiate - no matter what initiation he may be taking (from the lowest to the highest) - his readiness to undergo the expansion of consciousness which each initiation involves, the nature of the expanding vision with which he will then be confronted, and the higher reflection of the Law or Laws which initiation enables the initiate to grasp and thereby relinquish the laws which have hitherto governed his conduct and which have conditioned his realized life experience. Those laws he perforce continues to obey, as a member of the human kingdom, but his consciousness is not conditioned by them but is rapidly becoming subservient to a higher and a much more deeply spiritual law.

Some of the more obvious meanings of this seventh hint it might profit us to consider. Its significance is, however, something which will be revealed as a result of initiation; you can see, therefore, that a close study and a vital comprehension of Hint VI must normally precede any true understanding of this final hint which I have here given you. There are - needless to say - nine esoteric interpretations of this hint, corresponding to the nine initiations. This sentence both in its individual, tonic and orchestral sounding forth, carries information and illumination even to the planetary Logos when it is uttered during any cosmic initiation that the planetary Logos may be taking - and which he is Now doing.

This hint is working out today in the consciousness of humanity as a whole: the reason for this is that the perfected [419] Personality of Sanat Kumara - focused at present in his creative throat center, Humanity - is reverberating to the orchestral effect of the formula which embodies this hint from the cosmic angle. To this I need not further refer, for you could not understand. Nor do I to any great extent, brother of mine, being but an initiate of the fifth degree. The reason lying behind all this is that the planetary Logos in this particular world cycle is undergoing an initiation which will shift his focus into the hierarchical center, into that center of energy which we call the Hierarchy; from that point of attained focus he will submit to the cosmic initiation for which his planetary work - creative and magnetic - has prepared him. As he, in his Own essential nature, makes progress, every phase of his manifesting body, his expressive Personality, is involved, with the emphasis of the conditioning energies working out through the two centers at this time pre-eminently active; i.e., the center which we call the race of men, Humanity, in which the energy of intelligence is focused and critically active, and the center where the love of God is demonstrated, the Hierarchy. In these two centers a great activity is on the move and a vital expansion or moving outward is taking place.

Remember, brother of mine, initiation ever connotes activity, intelligent understanding, focused attitude, deliberated movement, conditioning new rapports and the attainment of a new and greater ring-pass-not in consciousness.

Let me list the leading and quite obvious inferences contained in this seventh hint, reminding you that each separated phrase, statement or concept is only the basis or foundation for a new and further understanding. Each grasped inference is like a seed thought in an ordered, concentrated and successful meditation. It is well to remember that the initiate, prior to and during any initiation, has attained a mental attitude of the utmost concentration; this point of tension is something of which you know, as yet, little, and yet you glibly use the words: Meditation and Concentration. Temporarily, and in order to move forward and at the same time to leave behind, the initiate becomes a "static point of concentrated contemplation." He then stands before the [420] Initiator in an intense interior preoccupation with the world of significances. He only moves forward again, dropping then the static attitude, after the application of the Rod of Initiation. His ability to contemplate significances rests upon his trained capacity to move with ease in the world of meaning (the major task which confronts all of you at this time). The objective of the first two initiations is to enable the initiate to live in the world of meaning; the objective of the next four initiations - up to and including the sixth Initiation of Decision - is to enable him to live in the world of significances. This must be carefully borne in mind when pondering upon the temporary static condition of the initiate as he stands in the hall of initiation.

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