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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U.
November 1948


You are no longer in my Ashram. I wonder if you have realized this fact? Like A.A.B. you are back in the Ashram of K.H., understudying - to some extent - A.A.B. so as to free her for work definitely connected with the coming of the Christ. You know that it is the rule in all Ashrams that all senior disciples have those associated with them who can take up the work that they are doing if need arises. When A.A.B. expressed the wish that you train for her work (to be taken up by you in certain aspects though not her work in direct relation with K.H.) the transfer was made. Your present work in... provides a fine training ground for this future work, provided that you lay the constant emphasis upon the esoteric aspect of all the teaching which you must increasingly give, and learn yourself always to live in the world of meaning.

Last year you passed through a terrific test and it looked for a while as if the true significance of it all would escape you; the national thought-form of any nation is necessarily a powerful entity. You can observe an instance of this in the thought-form of the Jews which is the most powerful of all because they are not a nation in any true sense but an ancient religion; they have resurrected something which has been dead for many, many centuries and are now attempting to call it a nation. It is as if the ancient Incas and Aztecs suddenly announced themselves as nations in South America and sought to gain recognition; they were great nations and as civilized as were the Jews, possessing a great and beautiful religion. There is always trouble when that which should be passed and gone seeks recognition along ancient lines, and this is a lesson which the Zionists must perforce learn.

But you, my beloved brother, belong to no nation; disciples of your standing have no   national allegiances but stand [617] for the One Humanity; this was the basic lesson which confronted you last year. You learnt the lesson and earned the right to undertake advanced work. It is hard for disciples to realize what of beauty and opportunity lies ahead when confronted with a situation in which - at the time - they see no light and which involves the testing of their mental perception, their emotional reactions and their physical relationships. All these three were involved in last year's testing and it took some months for you to see with clarity the trend of events.

All that is past and over. Today you stand clear - a disciple who can pass back and forth into all second ray Ashrams, carrying benediction as you go. The parting of the ways has come for you this life as regards the family with which you have been associated through physical birth - with the exception of those few who are - perhaps as yet unconsciously to themselves - associated with my Ashram. The members of one's family upon the physical plane may or may not (in any particular incarnation) be also one's spiritual family... This incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free from all environing limitations, whilst steadily giving love where exists but doing so with complete detachment. That is the concept or idea behind the apparently peculiar episode in the life of the Christ where he repudiated his mother; it is a symbolic story and probably has no basis in fact but it nevertheless carries a lesson for all disciples.

The lines of your life have fallen for you now into those which your soul desires, for your brother travels with you and you are doing the needed work. Those who bear or have borne the same family name as yourself invoke your loving sense of responsibility and obligation but only temporarily and only for this life. Is this a hard saying for you? Think not about it unduly, brother of mine; your next incarnation is necessarily duly arranged, the needed relations retained and the unneeded discarded.

One of the great lessons to be mastered by all disciples and perhaps one of the hardest is that trained recognition [618] which recognizes the spiritual family to which one belongs and this is seldom the same as the earthly family. A.A.B. had to learn that none of her earthly family were related to her and it was not an easy lesson for her, particularly as she had to learn it while quite young. It is a lesson which I am now with deliberation bringing to your notice.

Your work lies in training the senior students and for this you are well equipped and need not to handicap yourself with self-depreciation as A.A.B. has done for years. It is, as she has learnt, a form of false humility and a desire to have people realize that you are not proud and so that they will then like you. Put it from you, brother of old, and move forward with confidence into fuller service both in this world and in the Ashram of K.H.

I indicate to you no meditation work. In the doing of the meditation work of the advanced group and your presentation of the problems, you bring to them both life and substance. That is the service which you can render and one that A.A.B. has quietly rendered for many years. Each group - through its meditation work - must have its focal point and its energizing area and these you must attempt to provide. This is one of the most, deeply esoteric arts. In the Groups of Nine and in the New Seed Group, it was the cause of much difficulty. I myself was the central focal point and the energizing center, and my vibratory quality was too potent for the majority; more than half of those chosen reacted in such a manner that they threw themselves out of the group. I may deal with this in greater detail when communicating with P.G.C. who has always been deeply interested and concerned with the causes of the various defections. A handful remain profoundly attached to the work and to the purpose. Another handful is still in receipt of the group instructions but lack dynamic. The rest have moved temporarily to the outer periphery of the Ashram awaiting another life.

This, my brother, is all that I have to say to you at this time. My love goes with you and you may call on me for strength when the pressures of life seem too heavy. [619]

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