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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S.
You will discover, my brother, under these symbols the lesson which I am seeking to convey to you. I enjoined you in ray last instruction to realize the need of achieving a pinnacle of loneliness, for on that pinnacle lies for you that which you need. What that is, you must find out for yourself. Have you learnt something anent this lonely spot? If so, the next development for you may involve (I did not say would") the lonely moments spent as you, from pillar to pillar, advance along the corridor, spurred by the needs of those you seek to serve. Then will come the moment when the senior disciple will symbolize for you the end of loneliness and greet you as a brother. What takes place later between you and the Master is your own individual secret, shared with him.

One point I seek to emphasize to you at this time is the [636] need for you to recognize more definitely that the way into the inner sanctum is the way of outer service. This service must not be motivated by the exigencies of the period, or by financial considerations or the behests of the personality. It may or may not include the place where your outer work is being done; it may necessitate a change in your setting and circumstances, but the disciple - if true to his soul and the Ashram - serves his fellowmen as an esotericist as well as a humanitarian and a psychologist. This is a point which you must grasp. You must then fit the tasks assumed and undertaken into the symbolic picture which I have given you. I count upon your understanding because I am not speaking idle words; I count also upon your giving consideration and quiet reflection to my next statement.

There is some definite work planned by me which must be implemented by the members of my Ashram; it is work which you can undertake. It is related to the major task of goodwill which is so close to my heart; it will necessitate sacrifice upon your part and maybe a relinquishing of lesser goals. If recognized by you, it will mean that the "pillars which guard the approach to the sanctum" of your Master can be left behind; you will have reached the point where you can enter the "room of withdrawal." Again I speak to you in symbols. You are nearly sixty years old, my brother. The sixty-third year of your life, as in the life of all disciples, will be one of crisis and of supreme opportunity, and towards that point you should look and for it you should make preparation. The interim should be a time wherein you pass the pillars, wherein you go from point to point with your consciousness held steady within the Ashram and your personality activity adhering to the task imposed by your soul.

A basic decision will shortly confront you, and upon that decision will depend your right of entry, technically understood. I may not even indicate to you the nature of the coming crisis, nor may I give you any hint as to what your decision should be. I have, however, confidence in you, for you have learnt much in the past five years; you have gone from strength to strength and have passed from pillar to pillar, even if you did not realize it. You will discover the [637] quality of your strength when the need for decision confronts you. I await you in the inner room.

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