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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S.
August 1946

I have nothing to say to you today, my brother, of major moment. My last instruction to you was long and of vital importance; you have not yet absorbed its full significance. In that instruction there were two sentences which I seek again to emphasize in your consciousness. They are:

  1. The way into the inner sanctum is the way of outer service.
  2. The sixty-third year of your life - as in the life of all disciples - will be one of crisis and of supreme opportunity.

These two statements are closely related. Crises, my brother, can be objective or subjective; they can take place on the physical plane, and are then not of such great significance from the spiritual angle, even though they cause much suffering and pain to the personality; they can emerge into consciousness on the emotional or the mental planes, and they then present opportunity for action, but mostly for action connected with the personality; or they can be the result of soul intent, registered by the personality and recorded in the brain. They are then of supreme importance, but very frequently remain unrecognized unless the disciple is very alert and constantly aware of the cyclic flow of spiritual energy.

Such a crisis confronts you. Has your spiritual sensitivity increased during the past few years so that you can be sure that you can recognize the crisis for the opportunity it is, when confronted by it? Here are the points I would have you consider, for upon your recognitions and your decisions rests much of the usefulness of the rest of your life - that is, from the angle of the Ashram.

There is a peculiar difficulty connected with the realization that there are relatively only a few years ahead for the [638] majority of the group. Here are four of the difficulties which prevent the sensible and happy realization of the future transition:

  1. The tendency to settle down and take the position that one has done the best one can and that that is all one can be expected to do. This renders the few remaining years simply an expression of habit and of established character, and prevents the undertaking of any new spiritual adventure.
  2. A recognition that one has reached one's high water mark for this life and nothing more can be expected. This may be true from the personality angle, but the soul remains eternally young and unsatisfied, knowing no static point.
  3. A preoccupation, growing year by year, with the processes of growing old, with its liabilities, its physical symptoms and ugliness, and its required (?) withdrawals. This is a usual and ordinary way of approaching one's declining years and the regular procedure with the great majority. See that it is not yours as the next decade elapses.
  4. The recognition that the soul, enjoying the full richness of life's garnered experience, is now free to serve. No new problems are tackled; no new disciplines are applied; but the disciple uses all that he has in the service of the Ashram, and that for the remainder of his life.

I am seeking to bring all these points to your consideration, for they embody choices which await you, and it is your right to know what they are. I will make no further comment beyond emphasizing that there is a definite and conscious choice to be made, and leaving you free to think the matter through.

You have in the past done much to help the work I planned. You are today among those interested in discovering their spiritual enterprise. Discover it, my brother, and have an enterprise which will count in the realization (I use [639] not the word manifestation) of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Be interested anew and alertly in the hierarchical plans, and fit yourself into the time schedule of my ashramic purposes. Adjust your sense of values, which have shifted considerably lately (I say not whether for good or not, for that is your affair), and make your life count in the hour of humanity's need.

I have the following suggestions to make as regards your meditation work:

  1. Orient yourself dynamically towards the Ashram and towards me, your Master, and ponder for a while upon your relationship with me and its various implications,
  2. Orient yourself towards the spiritual enterprises (for there are several) which emanate from the Ashram, under my direction, and reflect upon your responsibility to them.
  3. Orient yourself to your chosen daily work and consider where opportunity there arises which can be fitted into the spiritual vision which all disciples carry with them.
  4. Orient yourself to your own soul and consider what are the duties and responsibilities and relations of that soul in all the three worlds of experience,
  5. Then sound the OM three times in order to clarify the mind; quiet all emotional reaction and endeavor to make your brain receptive to the higher spiritual impression.
  6. Then in your own words, and as the soul, speak to me and discuss with me your life and spiritual intention. I shall not respond, but (bear this in mind) record will be made of that which has the power to penetrate into the Ashram.
  7. Say the New Invocation, sounding the OM after each stanza.
  8. Close your meditation by saying - as the personality and with emphasis -
    "May I do my whole duty as I journey towards Thy sacred feet." [640]

You have known me for many, many years now, my brother. I remain the same and unaltered; therefore my love, strength and understanding are factors upon which you can at all times assuredly count.

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