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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - E.E.S.
To  E. E. S.

August 1940


This year and in fact during the past three years, many problems have arisen in your life and these have been complicated by the fact that the physical vehicle is not functioning as it should. With that condition you must learn to live, treating it with due wisdom and at the same time ignoring it in the service of humanity and in ours. One attitude infers right physical care; the other attitude sets the note for the mental reaction. This I think you know and are working successfully towards this way of living. I mention it because one of the things all disciples have to achieve (prior to initiation) is a right mental attitude toward that aspect of the physical body which is not regarded as a principle and which is only the automaton of the inflowing forces and of the inner man. The energy which governs the physical body emanates from that aspect or integrated aspects where lies the focus of consciousness. Perfect health will come, therefore, when the focus of consciousness is permanently in the soul. This is not possible for any of you at present because of the point in evolution and because of the mass relation and the mass karma, superimposed upon the individual karma.

You are handling the situation adequately, my brother, and where there could be an imposed expression of soul life, you need not for me to tell you, for you are aware of your own limitations and of your own weaknesses. Your first ray physical body is of service to you in many ways. See to it that the tendency of the first ray to withdraw from contact to the isolated aloofness of the first ray does not unduly condition you upon the physical plane. You will know to what tendency [641] I refer. Your whole life goal at this time is to give loving strength to others through tapping the source of all love yourself. There are those you can aid. You will do so at this time through giving them increased loving understanding.

As regards certain problems of activity known to you, I would encourage you to persevere with much caution and wariness. The early stages of the work you are seeking to do are fraught with some danger, as again you know. These difficulties, if successfully surmounted, will lead to greatly minimizing other risks later in your planned work. A.A.B. will talk with you about this matter if you so wish, and will convey to you my suggestions whenever you want them. I have spoken to her and made them known, hence the brevity of my communication to you at this time. You will comprehend.

I have however a meditation which I would ask you to follow and to do so dynamically. By that I mean: Become simply a point of concentration when doing it, with all personal problems and conditions temporarily obliterated from your consciousness. To produce this concentration, I will give you a breathing exercise with the meditation.

  1. Relax and turn the eyeballs upward. The Hindu system of rolling up the eyeballs does aid in this matter, and the point where the quivering of the eyelids ceases or is forgotten indicates the point of relative physical poise.
  2. Take seven long breaths, slowly and without strain and as you do so visualize yourself as mounting higher and higher with each breath. To do this the more easily, picture yourself as mounting seven steep steps.
  3. Then, at your highest point, sound the OM, retaining its force in the head by an act of the will but without any strain or pressure. The retention of energy is not a physical matter but a mental process. This is a subject of importance.
  4. Then, holding the consciousness as high in the head as possible, see how long you can achieve the position of listening without becoming negative or losing the [642] recollection of who you are or what you are doing. Never relinquish in this work the sense of personal identity. Until I give you permission, do not hold this listening attitude for more than three minutes.
  5. Then breathe out the OM through the ajna center, the center between the eyebrows, and say:
    I choose the way of the interpreter, and therefore ask for light.
    I choose the way of loving guidance, and therefore ask for lifting power.
    I choose the way of inspiration, and therefore ask for flowing life.
    I choose the way of integrating, and therefore ask for the seal of silence.
  6. Then sound the OM seven times and proceed with the group meditation.

These phrases have each three esoteric meanings. Take one of the above sentences each for one month and then repeat the process of reflection twice, thus covering a year's work. See if you can arrive at deeper significances than those which appear on the surface.

NOTE: This final instruction to this disciple follows immediately upon the one which is concluded in Vol. I, page 649, and the footnote there still applies.

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