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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
November 1944


I call you this, for never do you cease fighting and struggling, sometimes under the urge of your soul and oft under the influence of a restless and unhappy personality emphasis. Can you not begin to cease from strife and struggle, and thus give opportunity for the evolution of that loving spirit which your first ray isolated personality seeks to hide, and often quite successfully? There is an aspect of the relationship between the first and second rays which is very apt to be overlooked. The second ray is outgoing, inclusive, friendly and prone to attachment; the first ray is isolated, exclusive, antagonistic and prone to detachment. It is the conflict between these two energies - brought together in one incarnation - which has brought about the distorted and unhappy life conditions which have characterized you, which you [699] recognize, and which cause you so much real distress. It is time that this clashing of the two forces should end, and the conflict can only be determined by the subjugation of your first ray personality by your second ray soul. That is a clear statement of fact and indicates your immediate and essential endeavor. Your focus of identification has been the personality, but so strong is your soul quality that it leaves your personality constantly disturbed. Your aim, therefore, should be to cultivate all the characteristics which are the most distasteful to your lower nature - contact with other people, particularly with your group brothers, friendliness to and interest in all you meet, inclusiveness and the development of an outgoing spirit of goodwill to strangers and to friends. I have instructed D.I.J. to learn to work with the Law of Abstraction; I tell you to practice a reverse attitude to all life circumstances and contacts and to lose yourself in the interests of your associates and of humanity. Can you do this, my brother? At least you can try.

How can I help you to bring in the power of your loving, intelligent soul so that it can release your personality from its fever and bring about an ordered quiet in your life? There is so little that I can tell you that you do not already know; you have been under my instruction for many years, and you still are. One of the major linking and blending processes is the creative work of music. I would suggest to you that you bring music into your life far more than you have hitherto done, particularly orchestral music. In these days of radio programs this is easily accomplished, and the effect of blended instruments and broad sound productions upon your personality will be to break down the opposition which it presents to soul contact and impose a different note and key upon your life.

Does this injunction surprise you, brother of old? You are on the verge of release from the struggle of the past and can enter upon a more constructive and happier phase of living if you permit music to play a major part in your life rhythm; choose only the best music, such as that played by the great symphony orchestras. God created by the power of [700] sound, and the "music of the spheres" holds all life in being (note that phrase). The soul on its tiny scale can create "the new man" by the power also of sound, and a musical rhythm can usefully be imposed upon the personality life by the disciple.

This is what you need - music in your life, literally and figuratively. I have here given you a most important hint. Let the great music of the masters of sound enter (in a new and powerful way) into your consciousness. If you take this advice, in three years, if you insist on subjecting yourself to the musical impact, I suggest great and significant changes will be brought about in your life. Once you get away from self-pity and irritation, there is little that is wrong with your thinking. That, my brother, can be said of few.

I would like to see you enter within the inner place of the Ashram, yet you persist in remaining on the periphery of its sphere of influence. Let love and light and music enter more definitely into your daily life. Spurn not this practical suggestion, but give your mind the opportunity, through the massed sound of music, to break down the personality-imposed barriers between the free flow of soul life and you.

There is little else that I can say. This is a short instruction. I stand unchangingly ready to welcome you to a greater ashramic intimacy, but the moving forward into this closer relation must be accomplished by you - alone and unaided, except by my suggestions. There is naught more that I can do but to stand behind you with love and understanding.

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