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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
August 1946


There is little I can say to you. For the remainder of your life you have only one thing to do: to prepare yourself for successful spiritual enterprise when again you return to incarnation. Surely you would like to re-enter physical plane existence with a different and more adequate desire nature - a desire nature which has ever conditioned your physical body and militated against higher conditionings? Desire has ever driven you; at the same time, high aspiration has goaded [701] you, and between the two your life has been one of misery and frustration, and frequently of despair.

In spite of the profoundly unsatisfactory demonstration which you register in your consciousness and of which I am also aware, you are still hovering on the periphery of my Ashram; you are still linked to your group brothers and to me, even if you ignore them and me and go your own way, following your inclinations at any cost. It is always hard when two major rays govern both the personality and the soul. It indicates past achievement of a high order, for the transfer from a minor ray is involved, and this is ever indicative of preparation - at some future date - for initiation. It indicates also great struggle, particularly when the first ray personality is strongly linked to the desire nature.

All this you know, for there is nothing wrong with your intelligence, my brother. What is wrong is that - in the face of knowledge - you will not use the will to force the spiritual issue and to emerge once and for all into the clear light of the soul. Nevertheless, it should not be hard for you to use the will, once contact can be more firmly established with the soul, for you are a first ray personality, and therefore the will aspect can be more easily contacted and comprehended by you than by those on the other rays.

R.S.W. helps you not, much as she has attempted to do so. She does not accept or recognize you for what you are - a man whose lower nature dominates most of the time, but whose basic intent is identification with the higher nature; she sees you differently and her surety along this line is no help to you.

I, your friend and teacher, know you as you are, and I understand; that understanding forces me to stand by you (with steadfastness) behind the scenes ready, at any moment, to make my presence felt when the higher triumphs and the lower is negated. You might ask me why this is so? I would answer that in the distant past - a past which lies behind all of us - you made, at a terrific cost, a sacrifice which permitted entry of the soul as a thread of radiant light. By that sacrifice much good came to me, and we, the Masters of the Wisdom, lay much emphasis upon gratitude. It - with service - is [702] deeply scientific in nature and closely related to the Law of Karma. Gratitude is something about which you need to learn, or the steady friendship of F.B. and A.A.B., as well as that of your group brothers, would evoke from you some recognition. Their friendship is soundly founded on the mental plane, and there is little that they can do to help in current conditions.

What, then, my brother, shall we do? What shall I say to you in this my last instruction? First, let me say that I am hoping to see, in the next few years of your life, a complete reversal of the past. I look to see you apply, with will and spiritual insight, those physical disciplines which will feed your aspiration and negate and render futile all desire. I look to see you strengthen the tie between yourself and me, your Master.

Do you realize what is the task that confronts me where you are concerned? It is the task of aiding you to transmute your personality nature into such an instrument that your soul can remove you out of my Ashram into that of the Master K.H. Such is my task with several of you in this group; you and they do not essentially belong in my Ashram but stay and work there until the spiritual laws control, the vision is firmly established, and the soul is in control. Will you, with constancy, bear this in mind, and for the remaining years of your life wrestle with the lower nature until it is purified, disciplined, enlightened and integrated?

I give you no set meditation. I enjoin upon you the prime necessity of linking up with your soul, with the Ashram and with me three times a day. I would ask you to do this with a definite act of the will. This triple exercise, carried forward in the morning, at noon, and when you retire at night, will be more potent in transmutative effect than anything else that you can do. Forget not that by means of this exercise you train the will, and you likewise bring spiritual energy into your personality in order to help you with the task, the spiritual task, ahead of you.

On my cooperation you can ever count, but this is dependent upon your ability to "get through" to me. [703]

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