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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I.
November 1944


I intend to be in touch with you with constancy, and you must train yourself to an increased sensitivity to my presence and to the contact of my mind. Contact with me will affect [709] your heart center; contact with my mind will bring about changes in your head center - probably (at this stage of your development) in the ajna center. Sensitivity is one of your major needs. That involves a freer use of the imaginative faculty, as I told you in my last instruction. You need badly to develop sensitivity not only to me, your Master (for that you yourself desire), but a greatly increased sensitivity to your co-disciples. Above everything else, you must develop a much more sensitive response to all you contact in your life of service. That is primarily what you lack; it is based upon a definite lack of true love in your nature. You earnestly, and usually successfully, do your duty to all you meet, with certain exceptions where your personality is almost violently antagonistic; but more than this is needed in a leader upon the second ray line of teaching.

You are one of the people (relatively few) who have a sound and beautiful group effect, but your individual contacts are not so constructive, and it is along this line that you must work. You must learn to set up a helpful and an understanding relation with all who come your way - high and low, rich and poor, the socially important and the under classes, the likable and unlikable. The need to develop this was one of the reasons, plus incorporation in national karma, which has temporarily removed you from an active participation in the work you have done so well for years. You are being given an interlude wherein you can enrich your life, add something needed to your equipment, and then return to your previous work and service with far more to give than heretofore. This I know would be your own desire; I have here given you the clue to its fulfilment.

One of the ways in which you can arrive at this deeper comprehension of humanity lies in the unfoldment of the creative imagination; this will enable you to tune in upon the background and the consciousness of people contacted. You are a man of strong likes and dislikes; you have also prided yourself upon the fact that no matter how much you might dislike a person, you would endeavor to do right by him and you usually succeed in so doing, with the exception of three people - dislike of whom renders you unreasonable [710] and often unkind. Who they are you well know, and it is not my intention to mention their names, as this relationship is entirely your own affair.

But, my brother, a working disciple entrusted with a definite task by his Master, and working from within the Ashram (as you do), must work not only from a sense of duty and deep intense devotion, not only from a sense of karmic responsibility and a knowledge that the task undertaken is, by reason of soul injunction, obediently followed, but he must work also under the inspiration of true Love. You have a second ray soul, and when it is in control, your attitude is all that could possibly be desired; you have (which is unusual) a second ray mental nature. This enables you to realize theoretically what should be your attitude and to know exactly when and where love does not control. Your first ray personality and astral vehicle provide barriers to the free flow of love and impede a constant contact with the soul, imposing themselves between the soul and the three lower vehicles. They also come between the soul and the physical body, stopping or hindering the downflow of the energy of love into the vital or etheric body, from whence it would automatically control and actuate the physical life expression.

The existence and the possibilities inherent in the concentration of these two first ray energies in your personality should have the effect of adding strength and potency to the inflow of the love factor, and they should enable you to isolate the energy of love with facility and apply it one-pointedly. I tell you this for your encouragement.

One other thing I would point out. It should be recognized by you that your entire ray equipment is so well balanced that your capacity to serve the Ashram and humanity is very great, provided that you unify all these forces into one intelligent, serving and constructive unity. You are singularly well equipped; you have a dual capacity to use second ray energy to enhance and implement the use of the teaching ability; you have also a third ray contact with the physical plane which should enable you to focus and utilize all this inherent capacity upon the physical plane in outer effective human service. You have made great strides in so doing, [711] and it is only when your first ray isolationism, implemented by your personality and emotional natures, obliterates for a moment (in relation to other human beings) your second ray qualities that your physical plane output is affected, and it is sometimes affected quite seriously. Unless you consider this matter and remove the impediments to the free play of your love nature, you will always be a trusted server, but your field of service will be needlessly circumscribed and you will not be able to serve as generously and successfully as you otherwise might. Always you will serve; always you will have the freedom of the Ashram, and always you will have access to me, earning my confidence, and always you will persist. But I seek greater things for you, and so does A.A.B.

The work of the Arcane School holds in it much of promise - far more than at present appears. Workers will emerge who will be entrusted with wide responsibility, and A.A.B. will give them a free hand as she has ever given you within the limits of the School's principles and objectives. The leadership of the Arcane School must be that of a group, when A.A.B. is not with you and has passed on to other and more important inner work; this group will necessarily be under the general direction of F.B., but certain of you will have much responsibility and power, provided there is potent and correct motivation, and that you work with self-effacement; love ever produces the retirement into the background of the personality and its attitudes.

I would thank you, my brother, for all that you have done, your influence has been good and useful to many, and I am well aware of it; A.A.B. has also expressed her appreciation to you on several occasions.

The interlude of work upon which you are now engaged should give you the time for much inner reflection; it should deepen your power to live the dual life of a disciple. Get ready, therefore, for a resumption of my work when the right time comes, returning to it with a wider understanding, a more expressive love, and a more enthusiastic dedication to the principle of service. A.A.B. (if I may again point this out) has a deep appreciation of you and love for you, both personality and egoic in origin, and you can do much to lift [712] burdens off her shoulders, if you so desire. She never troubles about the inevitable and unimportant mistakes that her workers make. She has made them herself and knows their relative unimportance. She troubles greatly when there is a misinterpretation of principles, a sidetracking of major issues, or a general inertia. Stand by her. With the unfailing love of F.B. and the developed understanding of yourself, of R.S.U. and F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master - which is all that she cares about. She has earned this from all of you. She has, I may add, refused to take down this last sentence (as she thinks not in terms of reward or recompense), but has done so when I enjoined upon her the need for impersonality.

The three Arcane School centers, New York (the major center), London and in Switzerland, must become more potent and should constitute three major points of light in the world. At the center of each should work a disciple. Later, I shall suggest that the work in Australia be extended, and that in Sydney another center or power station should be opened.

Your meditation during the coming year should be focused around the effort to bring through second ray energy - the energy of your soul, and of your mind - into the physical brain, via the etheric body. You must do this through the power of the creative imagination; you must act "as if"; you must see this energy pouring in, literally, to the head center and from thence to the brain. You must work out your own way of doing this, for that will be for you the best way. Two suggestions only will I make: See this energy of love as a great descending stream of light substance, pouring down from the soul into your threefold lower equipment, and from thence out into the Arcane School, enveloping its membership. Secondly - and here you must endeavor to understand my meaning without any elaboration from me - you must take the people you do not like, particularly the three who so painfully disturb you, into your heart, thinking of them (as far as in you lies) in their own terms and from their own point of view and not from yours.

The way into the Ashram stands ever open to you and [713] I am ever accessible to those who, like you, have worked and served in difficulty and distress and under the drastic circumstances imposed by this world war. You have served without any deviation from the path of duty. Forget this not, and avail yourself of "the privilege of entrance." You will ever find me at the inner point.

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