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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D.
To  H. S. D.

September 1943


This year has seen certain liberating processes taking place in your life. You stand much freer from entanglements than heretofore; you face fresh opportunity for service and for growth. My problem is how to help you to capitalize on the past, thus enabling you to make the future a more fruitful period than ever before. You have been connected with my Ashram for some time now and have been readmitted into the new seed group. The reason that I mention this is because I want to emphasize to you the word "seed." It is the germ, and only the germ, of the spiritual life with which you have to deal, and I want you to withdraw your thinking and your emphasis from the concept of the flowering of your life in the coming years to the concept of nurturing and fostering the seed or germ of the new life which is just beginning to emerge. The Old Commentary says:

"The seed develops five flowers and five only. One flower long, precedes the others. The second flower is hard to grow, the third is harder still. The fourth flower dies and, dying, gives forth light and in that light the fifth flower blooms."

I leave you to interpret this for yourself.

The future which lies ahead of you - be it long or short - must be approached by you now in a different manner to the past. You stand alone. You stand, however, with your brothers in the Ashram, and are therefore not alone. What [714] lies ahead for you? How can the coming years be constructive, organized and creative? These three words - Constructive, Organized, Creative - have been chosen by me with care and I would ask you to reflect upon them. What is the constructive contribution which you can now make to the work that your chosen co-workers are doing? How can you organize your life so that there is a definite result and something to show for any activity instituted? How can the intense activity of your mind be slowed down and channeled so that something creative and worthwhile may emerge? These are the problems which must be faced, and these are the points where I can be of service to you, my brother, if you will accept my suggestions and carry them through.

It is the carrying through of any one settled project which has always been the major weakness with your group service. You work a little bit in some department of the group activity, and then you turn to something else; your basic purpose is steadfast and true and your steadiness in adhering to my work in some phase or another is unbreakable and real, but the surface effort is unstable, and from the angle of time, never persists long enough to show results. Why is this?

The answer lies in two directions: Your over-active mind flits from this to that and back again, and over-organizes everything it touches. Secondly, the physical body under this intense mental tension and constant movement is necessarily very nervous and constantly depleted, for seldom is anything carried through, and the carrying through of a project and adherence to a plan bring through energy on to the physical plane and consequently into the physical body. Your vital body feels the constant pull upwards of mental force, but that mental force is not expressed through activities which are carried through to concluded expression upon the physical plane. Your mind is like a whirling humming-top which is constantly toppling over and has to be set in motion again, accomplishing nothing of value.

This, brother of mine, is not your intent or desire. What then is wrong? Let me tell you simply what the fault is. [715] There is a constant over-stimulation of the mind, of such a potent nature that there is no time or energy left for physical plane expression. What is the cure and what shall we do to prevent this over-stimulation and slow things down so that there will be time for accomplishments? My answer is: Complete cessation from all meditation work for a year at least, or until I again give you permission to resume. You are constantly withdrawing and escaping into the meditation process, and you do it so successfully that the result is that all the energies you contact become focused in the mind. You do not need to do this. You need now to garner the results of past meditation work through active service, chosen with deliberation and carried through steadily without any meditation at all but on the strength of the stored-up knowledge you have, and which you have never used.

I am asking you, therefore, to stop all meditation, even the group meditation. You can give fifteen minutes to dedication, consecration and contact with your soul and with me every Sunday morning and at the full moon period. You can participate in the group meditation at the School, but see to it that the group meditations are regarded by you as acts of service and not as means whereby your own nature is stimulated and refreshed. You can take part in the group held by A.A.B. on Friday evenings, for there is much that you can there learn. But I do not want you otherwise giving any time whatsoever to meditation - particularly in connection with any work you may be doing. I want your active cooperation on the physical plane along some particular line connected with my activities, and I want that work adhered to at any cost so that a finished something emerges. What that work shall be, what phase of the undertaking you can do, and what responsibility you can shoulder should be, I feel, talked over with A.A.B., but only if you so desire.

If you will follow out these instructions, you will be surprised to discover how much easier life will be for you. Your mind will gradually become your instrument and not your master, as it is at present; your etheric body will stabilize and your general health will improve; your interests will grow [716] and your usefulness increase, and that I know, my brother, is what you yourself desire. I am only attempting to help you to measure up to your own idea.

One other exercise I will permit. I give you below certain sentences or statements, one for each month of the coming year. Every morning before you rise out of a recumbent position say the one for that particular month aloud - just once - thus striking your keynote for the day. But do not proceed to meditate, ponder or reflect upon the sentences.

  • 1st month - In quietness and in confidence shall be my strength as I walk today the ways of earth.
  • 2nd month - I descend in thought unto the plains whereon men walk, and there I work.
  • 3rd month -  In spiritual being I stand upon the Way. It is the way of men. I am. I neither think nor dream, but work.
  • 4th month - With my brothers I dwell within the Ashram. I issue forth and carry out the Plan as best I can.
  • 5th month - Let love stream out today - from out my eyes, my hands, my feet, because my heart beats with the love of God.
  • 6th month - Within my hand I hold the keys of life. I unlock the door for others and they pass through - yet see me not.
  • 7th month -  As I am strength and power and love and understanding, I bring these gifts into the haven of my work. Thus strength goes forth to others and love to all I meet, and to these gifts I add an understanding heart.
  • 8th month - The cry goes out for workers. I answer, Master of my Life, and stand within the ranks of those who serve. What shall I do? The answer comes: The thing before thine eyes.
  • 9th month - I climb the mountain top with others and watch the sun. I descend into the valley [717] with my fellowmen and therein walk. The dark is great, but I am with my fellowmen.
  • 10th month - I think no thought, I speak no word, I do no deed that hurts another. This means I use a guarded brain against myself - the little personal self.
  • 11th month - The chain of Hierarchy reaches from heaven to earth and in that chain I am a part. Above me stand the Ones I seek to serve, below me stand brothers demanding help.
  • 12th month - The cross is mine. The sword of love is mine. The word of Power is mine because I love - my Master and my brothers on the upward Way and on the lesser way, my fellowmen.

This change is not going to be easy for you, brother of mine. It will appear to disrupt and to disturb the rhythm of your life, but it will net you good results and you will never regret acceding to my request. The best lies ahead for you. You are needed, and there is service you can render along with your group brothers and with me.

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