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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W.
August 1946


You are of those in this group who are within the Ashram, and that fact carries with it a definite obligation and [746] responsibility. In my last instruction to you (given two years ago) I dwelt much on this, and I would like to tell you that you have made progress, that you have eliminated much non-essential living, and are finding more time for real service. You are becoming - as an occult phrase puts it - "grounded in your place"; that was for you an essential step. Now must come the mastering of the technique or method whereby (from that place) you move forward in any needed direction - along the line of service.

In this connection, no one can help you; you have to find the ways and means, alone and unaided. This effort on your part, this groping here and there for a rightful field of service, is largely responsible for your exceeding sensitivity; you move in one direction and react to a needed opposition; this proves upsetting and may lead to a psychic crisis. You move in another direction and are immediately assailed by that which is to you a phantom of fear; you move elsewhere but the opportunity for service proffered measures not up to your capacity, and this you register and again withdraw, conscious always of psychic atmospheres and conditions. What then to do?

A great experiment is being attempted in the Arcane School. It is an endeavor to lift off the shoulders of the Masters the training of aspirants for discipleship and thus to prepare them to take their stand upon the periphery of an Ashram - in this case mine. I am thus lifting much along this line off the shoulders of other Masters. Masters such as K.H. and M. deal only at this time with trained disciples - such are the exigencies of world work. In the advanced section of the Arcane School this experiment is going on, though as yet only in an embryonic manner; more difficult and specific training should be given to the few who are reacting correctly to the "call of the Hierarchy." I have spoken to A.A.B. upon this matter, and along the line pointed out to her I ask your help and your time; I would ask you also to permit A.A.B. to train you more specifically for this work, and to do so with confidence, as the link between you two is strong and you have ever permitted her to speak to you with frankness. [747]

You need to learn to protect yourself from people, in a psychic sense. This protection can be applied in several ways. I could myself put around you a protecting shield; I choose not to do so, for you would learn naught thereby. The work must be done by you yourself, and basically involves the transmutation of the sacral center (not the solar plexus, as you might naturally think) to the throat. In the sacral center lie the ancient racial fears and deep seated personal desires. Ponder not upon the sacral center, for that would bring these ancient inheritances to the surface, but let your work be related to the creative throat center. Then perform the following exercise:

  1. Sound the OM within the throat center, as the soul focused in the ajna center.
  2. See (with the creative imagination) the throat center as a radiant, vibrant, brilliant reservoir and know it to be so.
  3. Then send forth from that center a broad and vital stream of energy, down the spine to the sacral center in the spine, preserving the stream intact in your consciousness so that no part of it is deflected to the physical counterparts of the sacral center, the gonads.
  4. Then see the sacral center (in the spine) as a radiant reservoir of energy, but as energy deflected from physical creative activity to the destruction of ancient racial fears in the world. Then project that energy out into the world of men, to aid in the destruction of fear.
  5. Next, reaffirming your consciousness positively in the ajna center, withdraw your attention from the sacral center and the throat center and sound the OM - as the directing disciple - seven times, slowly and inaudibly.

Use this exercise as often as needed, but just now and for six months use it every day. You will be surprised what it will do for you.

The meditation I last gave you will serve you for the rest of your life, so I give you no meditation now.

To you, as to others in the group, I say: Go forward with [748] confidence and with joy; establish a closer contact with me, your friend and teacher.

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