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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W.
November 1948


I start today with a word of real commendation to you. Since my last communication to you, you have succeeded in doing two things: stabilized the "grounding in your place" in my Ashram (to which I referred in my last communication to you) and you have also paralleled that by a very definite shifting of your astral polarization on to higher astral levels - a task that is occupying the attention of a very large number of disciples at this time. The reason for this is that a very great part of the work of the returning Christ will affect greatly the astral plane. Disciples are therefore needed who can absorb, transmute and transfer light. For this task you are peculiarly equipped and hence the psychic difficulties which have for some years confronted you and caused you difficulty. This trouble will greatly lessen from now on, particularly if you proceed to labor at your task... preparatory to the reappearance of the Christ.

Those disciples who work today in the world and do so consciously in order to aid the Christ and his mission, come within the protecting aura with which the Head of the Hierarchy at all times surrounds certain work undertaken by the Hierarchy in connection with our planet. This work of preparation for his coming is curiously fraught with danger because of the immense and constant antagonism it arouses (and is arousing increasingly) in the opposing forces of evil. The main attack of these forces is upon disciples and particularly those in a position and at the point in evolution where they can act with potency and greatly help in the task of reaching others. This you can do, and along with all disciples are, therefore, marked "for protection," as it is esoterically called. This does not mean that you will be free from attack and - because you are a disciple - attack on all three bodies simultaneously, but it means that such attack will arouse in you no fear. Remember always, brother of [749] mine, that it is fear that permits the entry of wrong potencies, and that such an attack may not be aimed at your weakest point but preferably at your strongest; it is there where disciples are often caught unawares and thus suffer a temporary setback.

The astral plane is in a great state of turmoil today - but that is a theme upon which I will dwell in my next communication to this group of disciples. It is nevertheless something to bear in mind. This turmoil is caused by an increasing descent of the Christ energy from the buddhic plane into the astral plane - a necessary aggregation of spiritual forces of a strength sufficient to create a reservoir of this energy of which the Hierarchy can avail itself as it proceeds towards externalization. Of that force (which is astral-buddhic in nature) disciples such as yourself can take advantage. It carries the qualities of "embodied light," sensitivity to the new incoming vibration, and protective pliancy - I know not what other word to use. It can only be used by working disciples; therefore work, my brother, and let that penetrating energy find a channel through you.

I have told you these things in order to reassure you, for you have been in the past somewhat prone to psychic fear, though a very great improvement in this respect can be noticed. Those who work in this coming cycle must cast off fear and refuse to register in their consciousness - by an act of the spiritual will - the very existence of that which causes the reaction of fear. It is not the "little wills of men" which must here be used, but the bringing in of the higher spiritual will, via the antahkarana. It was with this in view that I gave out the teaching upon the antahkarana before proclaiming the reappearance of the Christ.

In the reorganization of the Arcane School, I would ask you to take your full share and to concentrate your major effort upon the work of the senior students. Have in mind always that it is spiritual esotericism that is required; teaching the students to create a line of light between themselves and all circumstances and problems. This is possible because every problem is in reality a vital thought-form, effective for good or evil. The line of established light can dispel the evil [750] or act as a transmitter of the energy of the will-to-good. In the above few sentences I have given you a potent hint and one which should be taught to all true aspirants.

There is little more that I have to say to you. You might find it of true helpfulness if you gathered together and read at one sitting, slowly and carefully, all which I have given to you in your personal instructions since this group was organized. This will give you (as nothing else can) a synthetic view of the general pattern of your spiritual growth and advancement.

Go forward with a sense of strength, knowing that the power of your soul, the solidarity of the Ashram, and the protective aura which surrounds the work of the Christ can ever be relied upon.

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