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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R.
To  D. L. R.

January 1940


I find it most difficult to give a name to the glamor which holds back the full expression of your soul. I might perhaps call it the "glamor of continued circumstance." This leads to an almost unavoidable construction of a wall of small and unimportant events, of negligible contacts, of monotonously regulated and determined duties, carried forward year after year because they constitute your duty and life function and also provide the wherewithal whereby the needs of life can be met. These provide a slow moving glamor, behind which you conscientiously and laboriously stand and daily work. Such a state of affairs leads to a static situation and to a constant conditioning of your life expression. To this, your soul at times takes exception and will do so increasingly. For this you must be prepared. You must be ready for a certain feeling of nausea and of frustration as your life goes on and on along its predetermined lines. And for this nausea, you will find no real understanding in your environment. For this also you must be prepared and to [751] accept it without criticism of those who fail to render you right comprehension.

Hitherto, you have regarded such moments of nausea as rebellion to be immediately suppressed; you have thrust from you all aspiration towards change, regarding it as a hindering glamor and seeking always to believe that your choice of the stable, the safe and the familiar is entirely right. Such choice has indeed been right at times, but it has not always been so in spite of the determination evidenced in your environment to hold you to the tried and the familiar.

Seek, my brother, at any cost, to be alive and eager for the future. Hide never behind the thought of past achievement or of achievement in some future life; learn to recognize opportunity when it stands before your thought and be ready to change the stable rhythms of a high grade and adequate personality for the eager forward looking attitude of a world disciple. Changes will then come because your inner attitude has prepared the way.

Sometimes, my brother, I wonder if you will recognize them, knowing them for what they are? Will you see the open door, leading to a fuller and a richer life? I call you to preparedness, and for freedom from the glamors of the familiar, of the family and of your surroundings.

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