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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R.
August 1940

There are within you at this time, my brother, stirrings of revolution and rebellion which have in them the seeds of liberation. Does this astonish you? Of their depth and purpose you have as yet but little understanding. You must remember that rebellion may be based on purely selfish desire for a way of life which your personality may demand. But it can also be soul-produced, and such is the case with you. One of the first things which a disciple has to learn is the real nature of that which is directing him and conditioning him. With many it is some aspect of the personality or of the personality as a whole; in a few, it is the soul. With [752] still others the prompting may come from a sense of inferiority and its consequent reaction of a carefully considered defense mechanism; with still others, it may be circumstance, or the race mind or popular opinion or the people with whom they are associated through ancient ties, karmic liabilities or self-chosen responsibility. I will tell you here certain things which may aid you towards a fuller life and a deepened soul expression.

Your link with your soul is real and it was not achieved in this life. It is therefore one of the stable factors in your life. Your mind is of a high quality and is easily responsive to the intuition and illumination; you have your emotional or astral body well under control. On the inner planes of the personality, your life demonstration is good and you lead a faithful and progressive spiritual life - so much so that your vibration reaches upward so intensively at times as to sound within the periphery of the hierarchical sphere of influence. This is somewhat rare. But outward and downward (these inadequate expressions make the teaching hard to communicate) this is not the case. Your outgoing energy seems short circuited and your radiation is inadequate to your inner spiritual life. You will recall that I gave you the word "radiation" some years ago as your desired keynote. For years I have watched the intensification of your spiritual life upon the inner planes only to see it arrested on the eve of expression upon the plane of daily life. I refer not here to character expression or to being what people ordinarily call good. I refer to effective radiation.

What causes this, my brother? I would say: Outer circumstances, and two people in particular, plus an acutely sensitive receptivity to the mental and emotional life of others. Ponder on this. This sensitivity causes an arresting of physical expression, plus a mistaken interpretation of duty at times. Know you not, my brother, that those who are at the stage of accepted discipleship (as you are) should be radiating centers of light on a relatively large scale. With you this potency of radiation is present but is rendered ineffective by your reaction to the outer details of physical plane living and to the reactions of those less developed than you are. Is [753] this a hard saying? Study it with the detachment you have so ably developed and you will find in due time that I am correct in my diagnosis.

Reapply and reinterpret this virtue of detachment and much will be revealed to you. I shall not be more explicit. My function is to indicate direction, but it is for you to understand rightly and then react. Your initial interpretation given to my words may not be the right one in all cases. Usually the integration of the spiritual life and of the personality proceeds as follows:

  1. The astral body integrates with the physical brain, via the etheric body and the solar plexus.
  2. These two then integrate with the mental body and thus complete the personality expression.
  3. This is followed after much struggle and time by the definite integration of personality and soul.

You have, however, carried the integration from the astral body to the mental body and from thence to the soul but have not yet succeeded in integrating these three with the physical man, dominating the brain and producing a vibrant expression of the inner man outwardly. This is somewhat rare a condition. Could you see yourself as you essentially are, you would make the acquaintance of a vibrant, radiant, wise disciple. But you hide all that behind a wall which has been built through your conditioning supersensitive nature and circumstances, and also by the influence of several people. Come out from behind that obstructing wall, my brother, and - for the sake of those whom you can serve - be what you are.

That this emergence on your part may bring its own problems is probably true, but with the results of right action (carried wisely and not fanatically forward) you have naught to do.

A brief visualization exercise and meditation may aid in this process of emergence. It is well to bear in mind that the dramatization of the spiritual life leads to creative appearance, strengthening the will-to-do, directing the desire nature [754] in the right direction and producing effectiveness in physical plane expression. You will see, therefore, that when humanity can begin en masse to work in this manner, they will enter upon a cycle wherein evil karma will no longer be engendered and past karma will work out in experienced, spiritual living.

This meditation exercise should be carefully thought out before practicing so that you can know just what you are attempting to do and can then do it with adequate results. I would ask you to do it twice daily, when convenient. I set no regular time. A year's steady practice (with belief, plus skill in action) may cause almost dramatic changes in your life.

  1. Bring about focus in the soul of the potencies of the lower man by the power of the imagination and careful visualization. This can be done by rapid, right alignment.
  2. See the soul as a radiant sun within you (the personality hiding behind its rays). You, the real spiritual man, produce the veiling of the lower man.
  3. See the rays of the sun extending first to the mind bringing illumination.
    Pause here and focus your consciousness in the mind. The work is done by projecting yourself along the ray of your personality and along your mental ray which is the fifth ray of concrete knowledge or science. This should be relatively easy for you.
  4. Then see the rays of the soul (the sun of your life) extending and embracing your astral nature and irradiating the astral plane with which you are in contact, thus bringing an outpouring of love. This again should be relatively easy of accomplishment as your astral ray is the sixth ray of devotion and idealism.
  5. Carry the radiation of the sun to the vital body and see it bringing (on the beam of the seventh ray of your physical nature) such a dynamic energizing that you will have the power, figuratively speaking, to break through the wall which prevents the inner radiation extending into the outer physical world. [755]
  6. Then sound the OM softly seven times, concentrating upon the picture of this sun (which is you and your solar quality), thus irradiating the outer life.

This process should be fairly easy as all your rays tend to facilitate it. The process is also highly scientific for it is in reality the manipulation of radiant solar energy straight from "the heart of the sun," technically speaking. Work patiently along these lines and take with patience and courage the effects produced. For these you will be eternally grateful.

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