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Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration
In the above paragraph and its implications you have a brief and inadequate statement as to the Science of the [33] Antahkarana. I have endeavored to express this in terms, symbolic if you will, which will convey some general idea of the process to your minds. We can learn much through the use of the pictorial and visual imagination. Many aspirants have already established the following links of the bridging antahkarana:
  1. From the physical to the vital or etheric body. This is really an extension of the life thread between the heart and the spleen.
  2. From the physical and the vital, regarding them as a unity, to the astral or emotional vehicle. This thread emanates from, or is anchored in, the solar plexus, and is carried upward by means of the aspiration till it anchors itself in the love petals of the egoic lotus.
  3. From the physical and astral vehicles to the mental body. One terminal is anchored in the head, and the other in the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus, being carried forward by an act of the will.

Many, too, are in process of linking the three lower aspects, which we call the personality, with the soul itself, through meditation, discipline, service and directed attention. When this has been accomplished, a definite relation is established between the sacrifice or will petals of the egoic lotus and the head and heart centers, thus producing a synthesis between consciousness, the soul and the life principle. The process of establishing this interlinking and interrelation, and the strengthening of the bridge thus constructed, goes on until the third initiation. The lines of force are then so interrelated that the soul and its mechanism of expression are a unity. A higher blending and fusing can then go on.

It is necessary for me to stop at this point and indicate that all the above are simply word pictures of a process of [34] energy interrelations, and have a definite value if they can introduce and make real to you the fact of the indicated processes. Some aspirants and students have the mystical consciousness highly developed, and are therefore apt to resent and regard as unnecessary the more technical and intellectual presentation of a truth which they sense and know, but which remains a truth yet undefined. It is my purpose to assist you towards a greater definiteness of realization and expression; this should in no way detract from the wonder and the beauty of what you sense, but should increase your power to know and also to make available to others the knowledge which you have gained. In the past the mystic expressed his realization through love and practical kindness, expressing it on the physical plane through charitable deeds and self-sacrifice, and on emotional levels by his aspiration, his vision, and his ability to express the love of God to the world. The mystic today continues with the same process, but under the evolutionary urge becomes capable of more than this. He should be able to formulate his knowledge intelligently and to express his awareness clearly, in order that he may share it with the public which is steadily growing in intelligence, but greatly needs the vision. I therefore beg of you not to resent the technical formulation of truth, for if education means anything at all, and if we are to consider the ways in which education is to be applied to bring about this bridging and synthesis, it is essential that we avoid that mental laziness and mystical inertia which are characteristic of so many mystics and the line of least resistance for many would-be disciples.

It is necessary therefore that we grasp the facts that:

1. The new education will primarily be concerned with the scientific and conscious bridging between the various aspects of the human being, thus producing coordination and synthesis and an increased [35] expansion of consciousness through the establishing of right lines of energy.

2. The task of the new education is therefore the coordination of the personality, eventually bringing about its at-one-ment with the soul.

3. The new education will deal with, analyze and interpret the laws of thought, because the mind will be regarded as the link between the soul and the brain. These laws are the means whereby:

  1. Ideas are intuited.
  2. Ideals are promulgated.
  3. Mental concepts or thought-forms are constructed which in due time will make their impact telepathically upon the minds of men.

4. The new education will organize and develop the lower concrete mind.

5. It will teach the human being to think from universals to particulars, as well as to undertake the analysis of particulars. There will consequently be less emphasis in future schools upon the training of the memory. Interest will greatly aid the will to recall.

6. The new education will make a man a good citizen by developing the rational aspects of his consciousness and life, teaching him to use his inherited, acquired and endowed equipment for the evidencing of the social consciousness and attitudes.

7. Above all else, the educators in the new age will endeavor to teach man the science of unifying the three aspects of himself which are covered by the general title of mental aspects:

  1. The lower concrete mind.
  2. The Son of Mind, the Soul, the Self.
  3. The higher, abstract or intuitional mind.


  1. The receptive mind or common sense. [36]
  2. The individualized mind.
  3. The illuminating mind.
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