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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
Education in the New Age - Table of Contents

Preface - Educational Trends in A World Crisis

Educational Trends in a World Crisis (by Oliver L. Reiser)

Chapter I - The Objectives of the New Education

Introductory Statements
Some Questions Answered
Theory, Methods and Goals
Coordination and Integration

Chapter II - The Cultural Unfoldment of the Race

Civilization and Culture
The Process of Unfoldment
The Nature of Esotericism

Chapter III - The Next Step in the Mental Development of Humanity

The Present Transition Period
The Aquarian Age

Chapter IV - The Culture of the Individual

The Angle of Citizenship
The World Situation and Ideologies
Reasons for the Present World Unrest
The Angle of Parenthood
Trends Indicative of Future Developments
The Angle of Personality Control

Chapter V - The Science of the Antahkarana

The Science of the Antahkarana


The following synopsis in three sections is intended to give the student a comprehensive grasp of the ideas upon which the teaching of the New Education is based. It is not a table of contents but gives some insight into the nature of the results to be obtained. Section One is developed in this book and lays the foundation for Section Two which appears in A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V, constituting part of more advanced teaching. Section Three completes the thesis by adding the Science of Service which is the goal of the whole enterprise.

Section One: The Objectives of the Future Education

I. The Cultural Unfoldment of the Race.
II. The Next Step in the Mental Development of the Race.
     A. In the present transition period.
     B. In the Aquarian Age.

III. The Culture of the Individual in order to make him:
     A. An intelligent citizen of two worlds.
     B. A wise parent.
     C. A controlled and directed personality.

Section Two: The Antahkarana

I. The Nature of the Antahkarana.
     A. The bridge between the three aspects of the mind:
          1. The lower concrete mind, the receptive common sense.
          2. The individualized mind or the soul, the spiritual ego.
          3. The higher abstract mind or the factor of the intuition.

     B. The agent of alignment between:
          1. Mind and brain or man in the three worlds.
          2. Personality and soul. [152]

II. The Technique of Constructing the Antahkarana.
     A. Its construction up till the present time.
     B. The immediate task ahead.
     C. The seven ray methods employed in this construction process.

III. The Antahkarana and the New Education.
     A. The practical results of the new technique:
          1. Will induce wholeness or the ability to see life whole.
          2. Will foster the sense of synthesis and therefore the group spirit.
          3. Will develop the intuition and the ability to contact the world of ideas.
          4. Will train the will, especially the will-to-good.
     B. The mystical results will be:
          1. The development of the mystical sense and the mystical realization
              of duality.
          2. The recognition of a new objective:
               a. The objective is to integrate the personality.
               b. Next, the objective is to give the vision of the soul, the central self.
     C. The occult results will be:
          1. The bringing about of the at-one-ment or the identification of the
              personality with the central self, the soul.
          2. The mind, then, will be trained and become an intermediary between
              soul and personality.

Section Three: The Three Major Sciences of the Aquarian Age

I. The Science of the Antahkarana.
     A. The mystical realization of duality.
          1. The problem of the integrated personality.
          2. The vision of the soul, the central self.
          3. The problem of the mystic.
     B. Occult identification or at-one-ment.
          1. The integration of soul and personality.
          2. The mind as an intermediary.
          3. The problem of equilibrium or steadiness. [153]
     C. The application of these concepts to the immediate educational necessity.

II. The Science of Meditation.
     A. Meditation as an education technique.
          1. Right control of the mind.
          2. The two functions of the mind.
          3. The mind as it builds the antahkarana.
     B. Meditation in the world of ideas.
          1. The power to intuit.
          2. Sensitivity and response to higher impressions.
          3. The function and promulgation of ideas.
     C. The development of continuity of consciousness.
          1. Personality continuity.
          2. Continuity and immortality.
          3. Continuity and initiation.

III. The Science of Service.
     A. Service as a result of soul contact.
     B. Service as cooperation with the plan.
     C. Service as a technique of group development.
     D. The unfoldment of the sense of service in the future.
     E. Application of the concept of service to our modern educational developments.

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