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Education in the New Age - Chapter V - The Science of the Antahkarana
V. The Science of the Antahkarana

As a preparation for what students need to master, I would like to emphasize certain points by tabulating the information already given. The Science of the Antahkarana is not an easy one to learn because of the following points. These emphasized points must be accepted by students as a working hypothesis prior to all attempted work:

1. The Science of the Antahkarana is connected with the entire problem of energy, but peculiarly with the energy handled by the individual and with the forces by which the individual relates himself to other individuals or to groups. For the sake of clarity, we will give the name of

  1. ENERGY: to all forces pouring into the individual form from whatever direction and source. To these major energies, the names of "sutratma" or "life thread" or "silver cord" have frequently been given.
  2. FORCE: to all the energies which - after due manipulation and concentration - are projected by the individual or group in any direction and with many possible motives, some good and many selfish.

2. The Science of the Antahkarana, technically speaking and for group purpose, is especially the science of [144] light manifestation with its results of revelation and consequent changes. It should be remembered that:

  1. Light is substantial, and from the angle of the spirit is a sublimation or higher form of material matter.
  2. Light is also the quality or major characteristic of the soul in its own realm, and of the etheric body (a reflection of the soul eventually) in the three worlds of human evolution.
  3. The object of the science with which we are dealing is to fuse the lower and the upper lights, so that one light shines forth in physical manifestation and a synthesis of light is consequently brought about.
  4. Technically speaking, two light bodies exist - the vital or etheric body and the soul vehicle. One is the result of aeons of incarnating life and becomes in time a powerful repository of energies gathered out of a wide range of contacts, though conditioned by the ray type in its three aspects. The etheric body exists and is today functioning powerfully. The soul body is in process of being slowly constructed, and is that "house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" to which the New Testament refers (II Cor. V, 1). It is interesting to note that the Old Testament refers to the etheric body (Ecc. XII, 6-7.) and its construction, and the New Testament deals with the building of the spiritual body.

3. The Science of the Antahkarana must be studied in three ways:

  1. Concretely and in relation to the etheric body, which is a substantial, tangible form, and is being so considered (though not as yet universally admitted) by modern science. [145]
  2. Egoically and in relation to the soul and to the "light body" through which the spiritual man must function in the world of souls, and which - when blended and fused with the etheric body - produces the manifestation of divinity upon earth to a greater or lesser degree, according to the extent of fusion and the conscious recognition by the individual of the attained fusion.
  3. Abstractly and in relation to knowledge-wisdom, which are two words used in relation to force and energy, and their use by the individual in his environment and contacts. Ponder on these words. You will realize how necessary it is that there should be some capacity for abstract thinking before the true implications of this new science can be understood.

4. The Science of the Antahkarana is concerned with the problem of the continuity of consciousness and with the problem of life and death. Keep these two themes clearly in your mind for they are basic and important.

5. The Science of the Antahkarana deals with the three fold thread which connects:

  1. The monad, the soul and the personality, linking all three periodical vehicles and unifying all seven principles.
  2. The triple personality and its environment in the three worlds of human enterprise, and later in the other two worlds (making five) of superhuman expression.
  3. The consciously creative man and the world of ideas. These he must contact and express through creative work, thus bridging with the light:
  1. Between the world of souls and the world of phenomena. [146]
  2. Between the realm of subjective beauty and reality and the outer tangible world of nature.
  3. Between himself and others.
  4. Between group and group.
  5. Later, when the divine Plan has become a reality to him, between the fourth kingdom (the human) and the fifth kingdom (the Kingdom of God).
  6. Finally, between humanity and the Hierarchy.

6. The Science of the Antahkarana is the science of the triple thread which exists from the very beginning of time and links individual man with his monadic source. The recognition of this thread and its use, consciously, as the Path and the means of ever expanding contacts, comes relatively late in the evolutionary process. The goal of all aspirants and disciples is to become aware of this stream of energy in its various diversifications and consciously to employ these energies in two ways: interiorly in self-unfoldment, and in the service of the plan for humanity.

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