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Education in the New Age - Chapter II - The Process of Unfoldment
The Process of Unfoldment

I would like to add to the preceding analogy one more, which will serve to clarify the process of unfoldment in your minds and make the entire theme (from the racial angle) still more clear and definite:

General racial development Civilization Path of Purification
Training of the Intelligentsia Culture Path of Discipleship
Production of the Illuminati Illumination Path of Initiation
It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the whole goal of the future and of the present effort, is to bring humanity to the point where it - occultly speaking - "enters into light." The entire trend of the present urge forward, which can be noted so distinctly in the race, is to enable the race to acquire knowledge, to transmute it into wisdom by the aid of the understanding, and thus to become "fully enlightened." Enlightenment is the major goal of education.

It is precisely in this region of thought and of recognition that the distinction is found between the work of the Buddha and the work of the Christ. The Buddha achieved "Enlightenment" and was the first of our humanity to do so. Lesser grades of enlightenment have been frequently achieved by many previously incarnating Sons of God. Christ, because of the attainment of the Buddha and because of His own point in evolution, was enabled to inaugurate a new era and institute a new goal, wherein another divine principle was enabled to come into manifestation and to achieve [53] general recognition. He inaugurated the "age of love" and gave to the people an expression of a new divine aspect, that of love. The Buddha culminated the "age of knowledge." The Christ began the "age of love." Both ages embody and express two major divine principles. Thus the new education has been made possible by the work of the Buddha. This will indicate to you how slowly evolution moves. The new religion has been made possible by the work and the life of the Christ. Speaking esoterically, the knowledge petals of the human egoic lotus have unfolded, and the Buddha accelerated the rapid action of this happening. Now the love petals of the egoic lotus of the human family are also unfolding the rapidity of this occurrence being the result of Christ's action. Can you understand the significance of what I am attempting to tell you, and can you grasp the meaning of what I am going to say?

The points that I am seeking to make are as follows:

Because the three knowledge petals of the human egoic lotus are now racially unfolded (and when I use the word "racial" I mean the human family and not the Aryan race), it is now possible for the love petals to unfold. The energy flowing from the outer tier of petals has had a triple effect:

  1. It has vitalized the entire body of humanity, and has produced the present speed, intelligent (or should I say "intellectual"?) civilization, and our modern culture, wherever it is found. The brain of humanity is now open to vitalization, hence mass education.
  2. It has opened a channel so that the love petals can vitalize the astral body of humanity, thus leading to general cooperation and group love. The heart of humanity is now open to vitalization, hence the philanthropic, goodwill and welfare movements of today.
  3. It will make possible, eventually, the vitalizing of the mind body by the will or sacrifice petals, and [54] this will give awareness of the Plan, directed purpose, and group synthesis.

The first of these three knowledge petals opened in Lemurian times and brought a measure of light to the physical plane consciousness of humanity. The second opened in Atlantean times and brought light to the astral plane. And in our race, the Aryan, the third petal opened and brought the light of mental knowledge to man. Thus was completed (in the three races) the arduous task of vitalizing the threefold manifested world (physical, astral, mental), and the energy of intelligence became a powerful, ruling factor. Now the task of vitalizing man with the energy of love is proceeding and making much progress, and the effects (because they emanate from the second aspect of divinity) will be produced with great facility, and in the realm of conscious awareness. I say this for your encouragement.

Through the activity of the energy of knowledge you have:
Civilization - Culture - Illumination

and in the second case you will have:
Cooperation - Loving Understanding - Group Love.

There are higher correspondences for which we have as yet no adequate words.

Cooperative goodwill is all that can, at this time, be expected from the masses, and this is the sublimation of the forces released through civilization. Loving understanding should be the hallmark of the cultured, wiser group, plus an ability to correlate the world of meaning with the world of outer effects. Ponder on this sentence. Group love is, and must be, the outstanding characteristic of the Illuminati of the world, and it is at this time the motivating power of the Masters of the Wisdom, until such time that enough disciples are expressive of this particular force. [55]

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