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Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period
III. The Next Step in the Mental Development of Humanity

The Present Transition Period

There are three immediate steps ahead of the educational systems of the world, and some progress has already been made towards taking them. Bear in mind that under the evolutionary urge such steps are often made without any understanding of the true objectives, or any real grasp of the emerging significance and purpose. They are simply made because the need of the time makes them the obvious next step, because the old system is failing to accomplish its intended purpose, because the results are patently undesirable, and because some man of vision works out a newer method and imposes his will upon those around him in order to demonstrate the new ideal. These three immediate steps are:

First: The development of more adequate means of understanding and studying the human being. This will be made possible in three ways:

  1. The growth and the development of the Science of Psychology. This is the science of the essential man, and is at this time being more generally recognized as useful to, and consistent with, the right development of the human unit. The various schools of [70] psychology, so numerous and separate, will each eventually contribute its particular and peculiar truth, and thus the real science of the soul will emerge from this synthesis.
  2. The growth and the development of the Science of the Seven Rays. This science will throw light upon racial and individual types; it will clearly formulate the nature of individual and racial problems; it will indicate the forces and energies which are struggling for expression in the individual and in the race; and when the two major rays and the three minor rays (which meet in every man) are recognized and studied by the educator in connection with the individual, the result will be right individual and group training, and correct vocational indications.
  3. The acceptance of the Teaching anent the Constitution of Man given by the esotericists, with the implied relation of soul and body, the nature of those bodies, their qualities and purpose, and the interrelation existing between the soul and the three vehicles of expression in the three worlds of human endeavor.

In order to bring this about, the best that the East has to offer and the knowledge of the West will have to be made available. The training of the physical body, the control of the emotional body, and the development of right mental apprehension must proceed sequentially, with due attention to the time factor, and also to that period wherein planned coordination of all aspects of the man should be carefully developed.

Second: The recognition of the facts of Esoteric Astrology.

When this becomes possible there will be an opportunity to train the child from its earliest breath. A careful record will be kept of that exact moment, the moment of birth, or [71] of the first breath, often accompanied by the first cry. Character delineations will be noted and compared with, the developing subject and also with the ray chart, and the relation of these two - the horoscope and the ray chart - will be subjected to a careful analysis every seven years. These processes will guide the educator in the necessary steps which should be taken wisely to hasten the child's unfoldment. Modern ordinary astrology, with its prevision factor, its emphasis upon the non-essential points and upon the physical concerns of the incarnated soul, will be gradually superseded by the recognition of relationships, of life objectives, of basic character predispositions and of the soul purpose, and much will then become possible to the wise friend and guide of youth - which is what every educator should aim to be.

Third: The admittance of the fact of the Law of Rebirth as a governing, natural process.

This will serve as a determining factor in the racial life and will bring much light into the educational field. The tracing and relating of basic trends to past racial unfoldments and to ancient racial episodes will prove of interest and of import, and though the recovery of past lives will be of no interest, the recognition of characteristics which have been inherited from the past will serve real purpose. Young people will then be studied from the standpoint of their probable point upon the ladder of evolution, and will be grouped as:

  1. Lemurians, with physical predispositions.
  2. Atlanteans, with emotional dominance.
  3. Aryans, with mental tendencies and inclinations.
  4. New race, with group qualities and consciousness and idealistic vision.
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