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Education in the New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies
The World Situation and Ideologies

Before we take up the more technical side of our work, I would have you for a moment reflect upon the world situation and the world ideologies from the angle of education. I would have you consider it deeply from the point of view of the existing fundamental group relations, envisaging the necessity to prepare the youth of the future for the coming age - outlines of which can only now dimly be seen. I would like you to achieve if possible a general idea of the present world situation, dealing only with the broad and general outlines and omitting any study of detail or of specific personalities, except by way of illustration. In my other writings I have laid a foundation for this when I briefly endeavored to consider the psychological problem of the various nations, its cause or causes, and the peculiar contribution which each specific nation has to make to the world whole.

We will try to recognize certain outstanding facts, though these facts may be more usually considered facts by esotericists than by the world in general. But we are working, or endeavoring to work, as esotericists. These facts are:

  1. The fact that there are certain basic ideas which have come forth down the ages and have brought humanity to its present evolutionary point. Ideas are the substance of the evolutionary urge.
  2. The fact that there is a hidden control which has persisted down the ages and which can be deduced from the definitely emerging plan, as far as the consciousness of man is concerned.
  3. The fact that all growth is through experiment, struggle and persistence - hence the present modern upheaval. It is significant of a "pushing through" to the light, the light of the world, as well as the group antahkarana. [109]

It is obvious that a good deal of what I may give in these instructions may not prove of immediate application, but students are asked to ponder and to think along the lines which I may point out, for only as a nucleus of thinkers is thus formed who are responsive to the new educational ideas, does it become possible for the spiritual Hierarchy of Masters to achieve the intended results in Their work to bring into being the plans of God. The Masters can not and do not work without Their chosen physical plane focal points. I would ask you again to regard yourselves as outposts of the consciousness of Those Who, upon the inner side of life, are seeking to bring in new light upon the subject of social organizations, the relationship of the individual to the whole, and the new and desirable trends in education. I would ask you to submit yourselves to thought training with this in view. Note the manner in which I have worded this request: first, regard; then, train. First, faith as to contact; then the steps taken to facilitate and develop that contact.

Our theme is the study of the educational organization of humanity, involving as it does (in its later stages) responsibility and right action. We shall consider, on broad lines, the development of man from an isolated personal unit, through the stages of family life, tribal life, national life, to the present stage of aspirational idealistic humanity. This idealism and this prevalent enquiry are responsible for the present world chaos; they have produced the conflicting ideologies, and the dramatic emergence of the national saviors, world prophets and workers, idealists, opportunists, dictators and investigators on all sides, in every department of human thought and in every land. This idealism is a good sign. It is also responsible for the seething unrest and the urgent demand for better conditions, more light and understanding, deepened cooperation, for a security based on right adjustments, and for peace and plenty in the place of fear, terror and starvation. [110]

It is not my intention to handle this subject from the angle of the many modern textbooks on government, on law, or on the many schemes (economic, political, etc.) which are today so dominantly engrossing attention. I do not intend to go into details or definitions. The exponents of the differing creeds can provide the needed literature and present their case far more successfully than I can. The protagonists of an ideology can express their beliefs and objectives more fervently and hopefully than is possible to me. I shall write for you as one who sees the pattern emerging more clearly than you, because I can see it both from the inside and the outside, and also from the blueprints in the custody of the Hierarchy. I shall write as one who has, in conference with workers in the Hierarchy, sought to comprehend the objectives and to cooperate with the immediate plans in this time of planetary crisis and upheaval, of drastic changes, and of the stepping up of humanity to new levels of living and higher states of consciousness; as one who has studied somewhat deeply into the records of the past and into the modes of meditation, and has achieved thereby a measure of inclusiveness of past, present and future which is naturally not possible for you at this time.

Some of the plans and ideas controlling hierarchical action I will seek to lay before you, leaving them to ferment in your minds, thus bringing to you either rejection or conviction. I but seek to suggest. It is for you to make deduction, to draw intelligent inferences, and to think along the lines indicated. I seek to have you steep yourselves in this line of thought so that my work with your minds may be facilitated and the group building of the needed bridges of light may go on apace. Forget not that I, too, have to make an effort to render my thought and ideas intelligible to you, and this can only be possible if I demonstrate wisdom and you demonstrate intelligence and perseverance. Where the [111] teacher is wise and the pupil intelligent, much then becomes possible. I would ask that your attitude should also be (for a time at least) non-critical; that you discard temporarily your preconceived ideas; that you cultivate a willingness to consider and to weigh, not evidence this time, but an inner structure of esoteric happening of more import than the outer events, and thus grasp somewhat of the purpose of the new education. Ponder on this last phrase and deeply consider my meaning. I would have you achieve a vertical position, with a horizontal outlook. Ponder too on this phrase.

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