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Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period
2. To teach him that the life which he feels pulsing through his veins is only one small part of the total life pulsing throughout all forms, all kingdoms in nature, all planets, and the solar system. He will learn that he shares it with all that exists, and that therefore a true "blood Brotherhood" is everywhere to be found. Consequently, from the very start of his life, he can be taught relationship, and this the small child will be apt to recognize more quickly than will the average adult, trained in the ways and attitudes of the old age. When these two realizations - responsibility and relationship - are inculcated in the child from infancy, then the third objective of the new education will come with greater ease.

3. The unification in consciousness of the life impulse and the urge to knowledge will lead eventually to a planned activity. This planned activity will constitute service, and this, in its turn, will do three things for the child who is taught to practice it:

  1. It will serve as a directional agency from the earliest years, finally indicating vocation and avocation and thus aiding in the choice of a life career. [94]
  2. It will draw out the best that is in the child and will make him a magnetic radiating center in the place where he is. It will enable him to attract to himself those who can help him or be helped by him, those who can serve him and whom he best can serve.
  3. It will therefore make him definitely creative, and so enable him to spin that thread of energy which, when added to the life thread and to the consciousness thread, will link head, heart and throat into one unified and functioning agency.

The meeting of the three aforesaid requirements will be the primary step (made on a racial scale) to the building of the antahkarana or the bridge between:

  1. Various aspects of the form nature.
  2. The personality and the soul.
  3. The man and other human beings.
  4. The man as a member of the human family, and his environing world.

You will note from this that education should be basically concerned with relations and interrelations, with the bridging or the healing of cleavages, and thus with the restoration of unity or synthesis. The establishment of the Science of Right Relations is the next immediate step in the mental unfoldment of the race. It is the major activity of the new education.

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