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Education in the New Age - Chapter IV - Reasons for the Present World Unrest
In the coming world state, the individual citizen - gladly and deliberately and with full consciousness of all that he is doing - will subordinate his personality to the good of the whole. The growth of organized brotherhoods and fraternities, of parties and of groups, dedicated to some cause or idea, is another indication of the activity of the coming forces. The interesting thing to note is that they are all expressive of some grasped idea more than of some specific person's determined and imposed plan. The Piscean type of man is an idealist along some line of human development. The Aquarian type will take the new ideals and the emerging ideas and - in group activity - materialize them. It is with this concept that the education of the future will work. The idealism of the Piscean type and his life upon the physical plane were like two separate expressions of the man. They were often widely separated and were seldom fused and blended. The Aquarian man will bring into manifestation great ideals, because the channel of contact between soul and brain, via the mind, will be steadily established through right understanding, and the mind will be used increasingly in its dual activity - as the penetrator into the world of ideas and as the illuminator of life upon the physical plane. This will ultimately produce a synthesis of human endeavor and an expression of the truer values and of the spiritual realities such as the world has never yet seen. Such again is the goal of the education of the future.

What is the synthesis which will later be thus produced? Permit me to list a few factors without elaboration:

  1. The fusion of man's differentiated spiritual aspirations, as expressed today in many world religions, into [123] the new world religion. This new religion will take the form of a conscious unified group approach to the world of spiritual values, evoking in its turn reciprocal action from Those Who are the citizens of that world - the planetary Hierarchy and affiliated groups.
  2. The fusion of a vast number of men into various idealistic groups. These will form in every realm of human thought and they in turn will gradually be absorbed into ever larger syntheses. I would call your attention to the fact that if the various educational groups found in the world today, in every country, were to be listed, certain underlying and analogous trends would appear: their wide diversification, their basic foundation upon some idea of human betterment and their unity of goal. Their many ramifications and subsidiary groups constitute a vast interlocking network throughout the world which is indicative of two things:
    1. The steadily growing power of the man in the street to think in terms of ideals which are founded upon certain ideas and which have been put forward by some great intuitive.
    2. The gradual upward shift of man's aspirational consciousness by these ideas, his recognition of the idealism of his fellow men and his consequent training in the spirit of inclusiveness.

This growing trend towards idealism and inclusiveness is, in the last analysis, a trend towards love-wisdom. The fact that men today misapply these ideals, lower the vision and distort the true picture of the desired goal, and prostitute the early grasp of beauty to the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not prevent the realization that the spirit of idealism is growing in the world and is not, as in the past, confined to a few advanced groups or one or two great intuitives. The discussions of the man in the street are today [124] connected with some political, social, educational or religious philosophy, based on some school of idealism. From the standpoint of Those Who are responsible for man's evolutionary development, a great step forward has been made in the last two hundred years. What were the themes of the intellectuals and the philosophers in the middle ages are today the points for animated discussion in restaurants, railway carriages, or wherever people consort, argue and talk. This is apt to be forgotten, and I would ask you to ponder on its implications and to enquire what is liable to be the final outcome of this widespread ability of the human mind to think in terms of the larger Whole and not only in terms of personal interest, and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs. Today man does both these things.

What, therefore, does this indicate? It signifies a trend in the consciousness of humanity towards the fusion of the individual with the whole, without his losing, at the same time, his sense of individuality. Whether he joins a political party, or upholds some form of welfare work, or joins some of the many groups occupied with forms of esoteric philosophy, or becomes a member of some prevalent ism or cult, he is increasingly aware of an expansion of consciousness and of a willingness to identify his personal interests with those of a group which has for its basic objective the materializing of some ideal. Through this process it is believed that the conditions of human living will be bettered or some need will be met.

This process is going on today in every nation and in all parts of the world, and a census of the world educational groups and the world religious groups (to mention only two out of many possible categories) would prove the staggering number of such bodies and affiliations. It would indicate the differentiation of thought, and at the same time substantiate my conclusion that men are everywhere turning towards synthesis, fusion, blending and mutual cooperation for [125] certain visioned and specific ends. It is, for mankind, a new field of expression and of enterprise. Hence the frequent misapplications of the newer truths, the distortion of the values sensed and the perversion of the truth to suit individual aims and ends. But as man gropes his way along these lines, and as the many ideas and the various ideologies present to him points of choice and indicate emerging standards of living and of relationship, he will gradually learn to think with greater clarity, to recognize the differing aspects of truth as expressions of a basic subjective reality, and - relinquishing no part of the truth which has set him or his group free - he will learn also to include his brother's truth along with his own.

When this attitude has been developed in the field of practical education we shall find nations and individuals developing the ideas which seem to suit the national or personal psychology, yet recognizing the reality, potency and usefulness of the point of view of other individuals and nations. When, for instance, the ideas contained in the teaching on the seven rays are of general recognition, we shall find the growth of psychological understanding, and the nations and the world religions will arrive at mutual understanding.

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