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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Introductory Remarks

Introductory Remarks

It will be apparent to you after studying the foregoing that one of the results which should emerge under the impression of this new approach to astrological diagnosis (as far as the individual is concerned) will be the more correct casting of the horoscope of advanced human beings - disciples and initiates. This has not hitherto been accurately possible. It will only come about, however, if there is wise and right experiment and investigation.

I have posited two sets of rulers for two types of people:

  1. The orthodox and generally accepted series of planetary rulers for the undeveloped and average man.
  2. A new combination of rulers and constellations for those upon the Path.

It will be necessary to remember nevertheless that there are an infinite number of permutations possible, of complexities and relationships, due to the vast number of possible combinations existing in the path of life of the individual and dependent upon his stage of evolutionary unfoldment. These might be divided into three groups through a broad, but necessarily inadequate, generalization: [76]

  1. Average and undeveloped man, living below the diaphragm and with the emphasis of the incoming energies and forces focused either in the solar plexus or in the sacral center.
  2. A large number of people who are in an interim stage, with the energies and forces focused mainly in the lower center but at the same time playing quite frequently through the throat center and evoking a faint response from the heart and the ajna centers.
  3. People upon one or other of the final stages of the Path, with the emphasis passing rapidly away from the lower centers into the higher triad and with the highest head center in process of awakening. These people also fall into two major groups:
    1. Those who are using the solar plexus center as a vast clearing house for the incoming energies and who are beginning to work through the throat and the heart centers, with the goal of completely awakening the ajna center.
    2. Those who are using all these centers, but in whom the heart center is fully awakened and the triangle of force in the head (from the ajna center to the head center and from the head center to the center found in the medulla oblongata) is beginning to function.

When these centers are all awakening, their simplest combinations are the following triangles. The Science of Triangles underlies all astrological deduction as well as the centers in the human body. This you know, but the four triplicities of orthodox astrology are only the rudiments of this true science, which lies behind the orthodox interpretations. [77]

  1. Base of the spine.
  2. Sacral Center.
  3. Solar Plexus Center.
  1. Throat Center.
  2. Heart Center.
  3. Ajna Center.
  1. Ajna Center.
  2. Head Center.
  3. Center in the medulla oblongata.

Unfortunately the organizing principle is not as simple as the above tabulation would make it appear, for the emphasis, the focus and the mode of arranging and of vitalization, and the appearance of these esoteric triangles vary with the ray type. This Science of Triangles of Energy underlies the new esoteric science both in astrology and in the science of laya-yoga or the science of the centers. Both this ancient yoga and the still more ancient astrological science have now to be studied upon a higher turn of the spiral. Up till the present time, the teaching about the centers has been inherited from Atlantean times and couched in the old forms and formulas which are basically unsuited to our present greatly advanced stage of development. The same can be said of orthodox or exoteric astrology. Both these sciences must be reoriented and rearranged, and astrology must be based upon a deeper understanding of the relation of the planets - sacred and non-sacred - to the centers and to certain prominent "cycles of polarization" emerging as the foreordained results of "periods of crisis." This last sentence embodies a basic and important statement of truth. [78]

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