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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Centers and Triangles of Force
1. Centers and Triangles of Force

There are, as you well know, five non-sacred planets, and seven which are regarded as sacred. These twelve planetary lives (with their own cycles, points of crisis and moments of polarization) are closely related to the seven centers. The five centers up the spine are related to the five non-sacred planets, but in unevolved or average man, are focused almost entirely upon the astral plane and in the astral body. It should be noted that:

  1. Two of the non-sacred planets (the Earth itself and the Moon) are connected with two centers which in the highly evolved man are not of dominating importance:
    1. The spleen receiving pranic emanations from the planet on which we live and concerned with the etheric and physical bodies and their physical relation.
    2. A center in the chest related to the thymus gland. This center becomes inactive in the advanced man but has a connection with the vagus nerve, prior to the awakening of the heart center.
  2. Two of the other non-sacred planets - Mars and Pluto - function in connection with the sacral center (Mars) and the solar plexus (Pluto). This latter planet becomes active in the life of the man who is "becoming alive in the higher sense, his lower nature passes into the smoke and darkness of Pluto, who governs the lesser burning ground, in order that the man may live in truth in the higher land of light."
  3. The Sun (standing here for Vulcan, which is a sacred planet) governs a center in the front of the throat which is related to the para-thyroids and not to the thyroid [79] gland, which is related to the throat center. This center in the front of the throat falls into disuse as the creative period of throat activity begins. It acts as a "mediator" between the higher and the lower creative organs (between the sacral and the throat centers) and leads eventually to that creative activity which is consciously that of the functioning soul. Vulcan was one of the first creative workers among men. He was also related to "Cain who killed his brother." The symbolism underlying these ancient myths will be easily interpreted by the intuitive student.

Some of the tasks which I propose to undertake in this section of our Treatise on the Seven Rays are as follows:

1. Consider why five of the seven rays express themselves through two sets of planets - sacred and non-sacred  - and also which centers these two groups of rays govern. Thus we shall relate:

  1. The seven centers in man's etheric body.
  2. The seven centers of the fourth Creative Hierarchy of which the seven races are the expression.
  3. The seven planetary centers.
  4. The seven and the five planets which are the centers of energy in the solar system, responsive to the energy of the twelve zodiacal constellations.

These planetary centers will be studied from two angles:

  1. From the orthodox angle.
  2. From the angle of discipleship and initiation.

2. Consider the energies of the three major constellations as they each pour through three of the zodiacal constellations, thus forming great interlocking triangles of [80] force. Thus nine of the zodiacal constellations are involved, and these in their turn fuse and blend their energies into three major streams of force upon the Path of Initiation. These three streams of force pour through:

  1. Leo, Capricorn and Pisces.
  2. Saturn, Mercury and Uranus (the Moon).
  3. The head, ajna and heart centers.
  4. The throat, the solar plexus and the base of the spine.

It should be remembered that the sacral center and the spleen are primarily connected with the planetary emanation of the Earth itself.

3. Consider the three great cosmic Crosses:

The Cardinal Cross The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross
a. Initiation Discipleship Evolution
b. The Planetary Logos Humanity Kingdoms in Nature
c. Cosmic Initiation Solar Initiation Planetary Initiation
d. Spirit Soul Body
e. Life Consciousness Form
f. Monad Ego Personality
g. Three Initiations (Initiates) Two Initiations (Disciples) Ordinary man
and the relation of these three Crosses to the twelve planets and the general sweep of the soul in incarnation.

4. Elaborate the subject of the interplay between the three groups of ruling planets as given in Tabulation VI. These, in the totality of their effects, are the agencies through which the purposes of God are wrought out. [81]

Before proceeding with the more technical aspects of our subject, I would like to elaborate this theme of the zodiac, its story and symbolism from the more philosophical and spiritual angle, giving you the subjective picture of man's progress as he passes on "the sweep of the sun along the path of life." This is a technical phrase and refers to the activity of a sun, a planet, a hierarchy or a man, after there has been a "moment of crisis," resulting in a "period of polarization," leading inevitably to a fresh surge and sweep onwards. These three words - crisis, polarization and sweep - are the basis of cyclic law and govern the evolutionary process. From the point of view of humanity, the passage of the Sun around the zodiac is apparently a slow and laborious process, taking approximately (on the plane of time) 25,000 years. From the angle of the inner vision, it is a sweep around the Path of Life, taking only a moment of time and "obliterating past, present and future in the radiant glory of the work accomplished."

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